There’s one thing that really represents Italy the best, and that is fashion. You can’t think about the country and not think of the huge names that shaped, and still shape the fashion world today. Now every major city has its fair share of designers that brought Italian fashion to the worldwide stage, and Florence is nonetheless. Just think about Gucci, Cavalli, or Ferragamo, these three major brands started off in the city of the Renaissance, inspired by the art that surrounded them they were able to wow the world with the Made in Italy charm. Today there might not be brands of that grandeur that come out of the city, but there is Pitti Uomo, it’s the fashion fair that I talk about twice a year, you know Pitti Uomo.

Now if we look at those brands today we start to understand why Italians themselves are so fashionable. But it’s also thanks to a variety of fashion events that take place in the country, and as you know from my previous article, I was at Pitti Immagine Uomo 2020. Pitti is the main fashion event that takes place in Florence, and this year the companies that were showcasing their works were amazing. You had Finland as a guest country, and many companies from around the world showing they’re clothes to potential buyers. Keep in mind that Pitti is different from a Fashion week in the sense that, yes there are fashion shows, but the main focus is to sell clothes to potential stores that come visit the fair. It’s a fashion trade fair that is pretty cool.

I’ll drop below some pictures I took during the event so you can feel like you were there, and if you really want to go this June make sure to check with your uni about getting some Pitti Uomo 2020 tickets in with a discount, or perhaps for free.

So enjoy the Pitti Uomo Florence gallery below!


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