Italy isn’t only a beautiful place to be because of its architecture, it’s also one of the most amazing places to see the spectacular nature in all of its essence. So, why not talk about national parks in Italy to do something like that? Well, to be completely honest I won’t be talking about national parks in Italy rather I’ll try to entice you to go there by showing you some pics of the most amazing ones. Let’s say it’s a list of national parks in Italy, and you know what I might even pop in a little Italian national parks map, so when you’re thinking about going to visit one of the following best national parks in Italy, you can just google it directly from the end of this article.

Now before I start, even though the interwebs are wondering what is the largest forest in Italy I’m not going to be putting it into the list, but for curiosities’ sake, I found out that the largest forest in the country is Cansiglio, in the region of Veneto. Don’t worry even though I don’t have any pics of it, I’ll leave it on the map so if you’re studying in Veneto, you can try to visit it.

Belluno Dolomiti

Foto di kordula vahle da Pixabay

The Belluno Dolomites National Park Italy isn’t the northern point of national parks, but it’s still pretty cold. You should visit all year long as you can find beautiful natural snowscapes and amazing colors in the fall.

Appennino Tosco-Emiliano

Foto di pagarau da Pixabay

The closest to Florence, where many go to the sky when the first snow falls, it’s so close to home and it feels so far away. Remember that the food here is to die for as well.

Arcipelago Toscano

Not exactly a national park, the Tuscan Archipelago is considered a National Park because of the well-kept flora and fauna. Some examples are Monte Cristo (yep the one from the book) and Giglio.

Cinque Terre

I really don’t need to talk about the Cinque Terre, as you can find some info about them here, and here.

Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga

Foto di pixel1 da Pixabay

Abruzzo national park animals are one of the most important attractions in the national park panorama. So try and spot some and let us know.


Foto di Luke door da Pixabay

As we go lower down the boot we reach Gargano, it’s the home of many Italian talents, and where many go to find their inner peace. If those finals are killing you why not give it a try.


Foto di Luke door da Pixabay

Past the roman town of Paestum you enter the Cilento. You can’t be in Campania and not visit it at least once.


The Toe of Italy has one of the most astonishing national parks, which is also sometimes forgotten by many Italians as well.

Golfo di Orosei

Foto di Simon Steinberger da Pixabay

Now let’s cross that Tyrrhenian Sea and hit Sardegna. Right in the middle of it and facing the country, so if you’re lucky you’ll also be able to see the continent. 


Pic by Marco

While in the North of Sardegna you’ll find Asinara, which is one of the greatest parks in all of Italy, so if you’re in Sassari you have to get there ASAP.


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