Italy, oh what a romantic place to be. You’re probably already thinking about the Italian beauty you’ll fall in love with, but you can’t even say my love in Italian, so you’re little fantasy of having a picnic on some Italian beach is just you and your other just sitting there wondering how to talk to one another. Looking at each other and yeah that’s it. If that’s the case how are you even gonna get to bring an Italian to enjoy a day together? I mean I’m sure you know how to say hi in Italian, (I hope you’re not sitting there thinking “how do you say hi in Italian” atm, it’s Ciao) but that’s not enough to start a thing. You’re most probably thinking I want to know Italian love words in Italian and guess what you’re in the right place to find out.

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That’s where I come in and try to help you out a bit. Starting in the intro with how to say my love in Italian, it’s Amore Mio. Now that’s one of the most beautiful Italian words (i know it’s not a word, but you get the gist I’ve got to get those ratings up). Anyway, I was saying, I’m gonna help you with all the Italian compliments, ways of flirting in Italian, I guess you can say that it’s mostly about Italian pick up lines. Even though it’s mostly generically flirting that you’ll use in any other language as well. Now I guess it’s almost time to learn Italian love phrases, am I right?

Now if you’re jonesing about how to say pretty in Italian, awesome in Italian, the Italian word for beautiful, you’re in the right place cause that’s pretty much what I want to leave you with. At the end of this post, you’ll be flirting with all the Italian men and women you want.

Flirty Italian Phrase you’ll need to pick up

Let’s do this, let’s find out what romantic flirty lines you’ll need to pick up in Italy. Just don’t expect to find out what do Italian guys find attractive, or what it’s like dating an Italian woman, and defo not what it’s like dating an Italian man (mostly because you can find out about that in another post from way back). OH and definitely you won’t find anywhere here, and I mean NOWHERE in this post something along the lines of the best compliment for a girl picture.

I love you my love in Italian

I’ll give you a little teaser before we get into the meaty area of lovey-dovey convos/flirty lines. If you already have that special someone go to them and tell them “Ti Amo, Amore Mio” and they’ll melt right into your arms, the true romancer you were meant to be will come out and the true Italian-ness in you will as well.

So, How to say my love in Italian? Read Below

Ti Amo – I Love You in Italian

Let’s start from the most extreme romantic Italian phrase. Ti Amo answers your how do you say I love you in Italian doubts. Amare is to love. Just remember this can go really wrong really quick, but if you’re here to learn some Italian to impress your significant other this is gonna help out. Also, I love you too in Italian is Ti Amo Anch’io.

Bellissimo/Bellissima – Beautiful

If you want to know how to say beautiful in Italian here you go. Remember that the Italian language uses masculine and feminine, so it would be BellissimO for guys, and BellissimA for girls. Now go out there and make a lot of people uncomfortable by dropping these words to compliment a girl’s beauty or man’s beauty. Now that should answer your how do you say beautiful in Italian dilemma.

Potrei unirmi? – May I join you

You spot someone that you find attractive, and you know how you would approach them in your mother tongue, but how do you know if they’re Italian or if they’re a visitor like you? Well….You don’t you’ve gotta go up there and just ask them “Posso unirmi?”. After that, you’ll find out if they’re Italian or not, cause even if they say no you’ll hear them talk lol.

Ti va di prendere un po’ d’aria fresca – Would you like to get some fresh air

Now let’s get to the nitty and gritty, you’re out at a bar and start talking to someone that might be of interest to you and you want to take the conversation to somewhere a bit more private. Maybe you’re in a club and the music is too loud. You can simply ask them this simple question “Ti va di prendere un po’ d’aria fresca?” And hopefully, they agree, if not back to point one, but with someone else.

Sei molto simpatico/a – You’re funny

Now let’s say all is going good and you two are really kicking it off, and they dropped a couple of funny Italian phrases that you understand and want to let them know how funny you think they are. I mean it’s prey obvs that this is where I was going with the “you’re funny” paragraph title, but that’s what you need to tell them.

E’ stato un piacere parlare con te – It’s been really nice talking to you

What is a way to flirt with a boy in Italy? Easy compliment them, they’ll melt like butter cause they’re really proud. I mean why shouldn’t they, they have such a rich history. Anyway if at the end of your chat you genuinely feel like you’ve had a pleasant convo, you can remind them as you leave.

Potrei accompagnarti se ti va – May I walk you home?

Maybe you think it went really well, and you want to go all-in, and how can you ask them to walk them home? You say “posso accompagnarti a casa?” Or something like “potrei accompagnarti se ti va”. Always ask cause if you don’t you might sound like a bit of a freak.

Lots of love in Italian language

Now let’s drop the freak moments, and let’s think about something nice like finding out how to say Lots of Love in Italian, cause hey sometimes you wanna let your friends know that you really care for them, not just someone you’re into. Lots of Love is Tanto Amore. Remember that and it’s all gonna be fine and dandy.

Ti andrebbe di incontrarsi di nuovo? – Would you like to meet again?

Let’s say the other party isn’t into the idea of you walking them home, but you want to understand if you could have a slim chance in the future? You can ask them “Ti andrebbe di incontrarsi di nuovo?” And only then you’ll know if you hit the jackpot or not? Cause what if they say yes and maybe just want to know you in the daytime as well. That’s a major win.

Lasciami Stare – Leave me alone

Now enough of the la-di-la, sometimes you might be pretty much in a very frustrating situation where someone is flirting with you in a shitty way, and you’re not enjoying it at all. You tell them “Lasciami in pace” that literally means let me be in peace. That’s a straight forward way of telling them to fuck off.

Toglimi le mani di dosso – Get your hands off of me

Unfortunately, there are some people in the world (mostly men) that don’t understand that not everyone falls at their feet. I hope you don’t meet anyone like this while in Italy cause it’s always a very frustrating situation to be in, especially if they try to touch you without you being okay with it. The first thing to do is to tell them to get their hands off of you, and preferably near the bar cause this way the bartenders can help you out of a shitty situation if you can, also near a bouncer cause well that’s their job. When they hear a tourist/student say something like that in Italian as well, they know they need to intervene. Plus other Italians are probably gonna step in as well.

Now that is in no way a depressing way to end a post.



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