Last week I went through the topic of “Cheap shopping in Florence”, by introducing the 10 euro clothing shop in Florence. Today, I would like to follow up, but focusing on the classic, “The Vintage of Florence.”

Florence is a historical city, founded as a Roman military colony about the 1st century BC. Walking in Florence is like being part of a movie scene, and by having the right outfit, movie life is never more of a dream.

Since we already have an article of the list of vintage stores on our blog, in the following article I am going to share a bit of my personal experience of vintage shopping in Florence, and share some vintage items that I’ve got from the stores.

Where you can find Vintage stores in Florence: vintage shopping Florence

Before I got in Florence I was already a huge fans of vintage clothing and old films. The classic european designers of the 60’s and 70’s have earned my heart by their elegant structure of clothing. A girl wearing a vintage one piece dress riding an italian Vespa through the wine filled hills during the sunset in Tuscany, or either a man with italian classic suit with a gentle hat walking down the alleys. Those scenes in the movie film have also reminded the people the great old days, which the vintage clothing does.

By the time I got here in Florence I was really excited to be apart of this historical atmosphere and wear my vintage clothing. 

Here is the few item that I’ve got in those lovelty vintage shop.

My favorite dress from 1970’s, made in Italy, with hand embroidered flowers. Which only cost me 45 euros.
Amazing green coat from 1960’s, made in Italy. Just made my friend become the most classic woman on the street.
Lovely shoes from 1990’s, made in Italy got me crazy. Being a classic dresser, these are the things you can not go with out.

After all, vintage shop is one of my favorite shops in Florence, in the future I would like to introduce more about it. If you also have the passion of being classic and old school you will fall in love with Florence Vintage stores!


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