Italy is a country that is trying its best to become multicultural, wanting people from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds to come in and bring their own life experience to the table. Even though there is some friction to this idea, people tend to believe it’s a plus that the country is becoming a melting pot of civilization. So because of this, I started to think about what part of the world speaks some really good English that isn’t the US and the UK? Well, one of the most beautiful countries in the World. India. Let’s find out together what life in Italy for Indian students is like.

Students in Italy: why move

Before I go on the maddening escaped of answering the internet’s questions about life in Italy for Indian students that were on this topic, let’s talk about the reasons you should come to Italy, not based on academic prospects, but rather on the cultural appeal of the country. The never-ending historical artifacts you’ll find around the country are alone a reason to come and visit, and let’s not forget about the amazing Italian food you’ll be able to enjoy while in the country, and all of it for quite cheap as well. Now how are you going to beat that? Those two factors are reason enough to say pursue your masters in Italy for Indian students. In general, International student life in Italy is pretty well regarded, for the competence of Italian Universities, to the cost of living, that is one of the lowest in Europe. So when you ask yourself “is it good to study in Italy?” I would say yes and maybe you should start thinking “I want to study in Italy

best universities in italy for mba

You must keep in mind that even though education is “free” in Italy, as an international student it’s pretty hard to get it unless you have a scholarship/grant. So yeah if you’re thinking about how to study in Italy for free make sure you’ve got good grades so you can partake in that MBA in Italy for Indian students, cost-free.

However, before proceeding I want to point out the importance of obtaining a Fiscal Code.
The Codice Fiscale is a number, like the U.S. Social Number, which will be helpful if you are going to stay in Italy for more than 30 days. Find out how to get your Fiscal Code.

Now let’s answer your internet questions to see if the research did is of any help.

How is the life of an Indian student in Milan, Italy?

Well, I want to know How is the life of an Indian student in Milan, Italy? is something you might ask yourself a lot so, starting off with one of the most expensive cities in Italy, so we can take into consideration the cost of study in Italy for Indian Students, that are the same as everyone else’s costs, so no worries there any hidden fees for foreign students. But Milan also being the most expensive of the cities is also the most multicultural, so if you want a taste of home it’s definitely one of the places with most Indian cuisine in the country. But my advice would be to try as much Italian food as possible, before resorting to comfort food. 

How is life for an Indian in Italy for settling?

Well, if you love a relaxed lifestyle it’s definitely something to consider, the only thing I will say is a bit hard is to find a job in the country, unemployment rates are quite high for a G8 country, but if you’re already a freelancer before getting to Italy no problem you’ll be fine.

Get your Fiscal Code

How is life in the Italy for Indian MS students?

Student life in Italy is great for everyone, plus if you’re an MS student you’ll find a fair more opportunities to work. Masters are highly regarded in this country, especially the science ones, as Italy has a very profound connection to the sciences.

Can I get a job in Italy as an Indian?

Getting a job in Italy is hard for everyone, but if you’re really talented you’ll be fine, I would advise you to check our international student’s post, for advice on finding jobs in Italy. The best advice would be to freelance a bit, cause you probably will have the right degree to stand out on an International job board.

After completing masters in Italy, what are the chances of getting jobs for Indians?

The Big companies tend to hire international talent, so I would look at sending CVs to big brands, something like Gucci, Ferrero, FCA, and so on, as they have not only the experience of working with master graduates, they also have the legal teams that can help you with your Visas.

indians in italy

Are Indians and other brown folk discriminated by Italians?

Now, this is a very fragile topic, that personally, I cannot talk of, so I’ll be paraphrasing what I read from other students, and visitors, that came to Italy. The most compelling point is made by Dattakiran Jagu. He states that there is Discrimination, not Racism, but it is based upon the fact that not many Italians have met Indians that are in Italy for studies. They tend to mash up all the nationalities of Southern Asia as one. 

This is not ideal, but I can say, that as years are passing by and tourism from India is higher in the country than before, Italians aren’t as prefixed on ideas of people that visit from India. You also have to remember that Italians tend to be discriminatory to Italians as well. The divide between North and South is really strong, with a variety of derogatory terms used to offend each other. This, however, doesn’t excuse discriminatory ideas, and to be honest when you’ll be out and about enjoying a drink with friends, or tasty Italian meal in any major city, you won’t be faced with any problems whatsoever. Just remember that in some of the best local places to eat service can be quite “rude”, but that rudeness is part of the Italian experience, it’s reserved for everyone Italian, American, and Indian alike.

What are the required eligibility marks for a master’s in Italy for Indian students with a scholarship?

It is generally required that you have passed with at least a 70% mark to apply to an Italian Masters program, this is usually for one of the major universities, so it varies from uni to uni.

The most important certification would be the IELTS or the TOEFL, as many courses for international masters are taught in English (remember that if a course is in Italian, the Uni will provide free Italian lessons). 

You need to achieve at least a 6/6.5 on an IELTS or a 90/95 on a TOEFL, if this isn’t the case they won’t accept you.

masters in italy

Job opportunities in Italy after master?

So, in general when you have a masters it’s going to be a lot easier to find a job. This is valid not only in Italy but all over the world. Let’s look at Italy in particular though. Compared to the students that finish their post-graduate course (with a 73% chance of getting a job a year after finishing) there is an 82% chance of landing a job within the year you finish your masters degree.

So when you’re thinking about the job opportunities in Italy after masters, you’ve got all the info you need right there. I’ve got to say it’s a pretty good percentage if you look at it.

Masters in Italy: What is the best university in Italy for computer science?

If I want to live in Italy like a student is something that’s always on your mind, you’ve got to find the best uni and according to QS the best university for Computer Sciences would be the Politecnico of Milan, also one of the best Universities in general in Italy. Plus, it’s pretty good that Milan is a really international city so if you feel homesick, you’ll find many shops selling ingredients that you wouldn’t find in an Italian Supermarket. 

For example, as an American, I know there are some “American Style” shops that sell all that sweet junk food I get the craving for at times, and if I go to the supermarket I wouldn’t be able to find them normally

What is it like to move to Turin, Italy? How can I find shared accommodation? Being an Indian, is it easy to find Indian restaurants?

Turin is an amazing city for anyone to live in, they have beautiful art, amazing piazzas, a huge park that has a castle within it. I mean everything you really need. Well, for the accommodation part you shouldn’t worry as you’re already on the right path to find it, you know that’s what we do on StudentsVille. We make sure you stop making these requests once you visit our site I want to find shared accommodation in Italy.

When it comes to Indian Restaurants you need not worry as the city is well-traveled, and they have a fine selection of international cuisine to pick from.

students Italy

What is the best bank in Italy for an international student?

Mmmmm, now that is a tricky question as I have dual citizenship that means that I can open an account as an Italian. From what I hear some international students face higher fees than Italian students, so I would suggest you check out the list of banks I’ll leave below, and when you arrive in Italy you can visit them and compare the fees. 

I could also relay the information I found but with the year coming to an end, many banks add and take away many deals they had on bank account creation, so it’s better if you ask personally for this topic.

Anyway, the banks in question are:

  • Unicredit
  • Intesa San Paolo
  • BNL
  • ING
  • Poste Italiane (Yep, the Italian postal service offers bank accounts as well.)

Indians in Italy: how to settle in Italy from India?

Well, that is something you’ll have to learn by coming to Italy and enjoying the local culture. I can’t answer something that is so personal to people. So my only advice is to book a ticket get to Italy and start settling in.

I hope that this in some way was informative and that it could help you in shaping the decision of coming to study in Italy. It’s true that many of the main concerns circulating online are based upon medicine, and technology, but don’t forget to think about the arts as well. Remember that you’ll be studying in the country that brought about the Renaissance, and elevated European culture as a whole, also you have some of the most prestigious Fashion Schools in the whole wide world, so be ready for a world of knowledge at your disposal, with an insane variety of food, fun, and friends to make.


  1. Hey , I am planning to study in Italy. I have other options as well.

    I want to know about the current job status and future scope of settlement in Italy , can anyone suggest me on this.

  2. Hi, Very good article. Really helpful. Thanks a lot. Just one query… Can I work in other European countries after finishing my undergraduate program in Medicine. Regards.

  3. Hi! I got offer for pharmaceutical Biotechnology from the University of Milano. How good is the univ for that program and the possible career prospects after the studies?

    • Hi Yannick, there’s a good tradition about Pharmaceutical Biotechnology in Milan. Career opportunities are many ad the pharmaceutical sector is growing in Italy

  4. Hey ,
    I want to know more about masters in furniture design.
    Also, the opportunities after pursuing a masters in the following

    I’ve pursued my bachelors in Architecture from India

  5. Hi chris,
    This article was really helpful. I was not sure of my decision to do. My Masters in Italy so I searched many websites which questioned my decision.But your article made me sure I should do it. Thank you. I just have one question can Indian students get part-time jobs in Palermo, Sicily. If yes what kind of jobs available

  6. HI,’
    I wanted to know job opportunities for Masters in International finance or accounting after this pandemic. Does college provide 100 % tuition fee including hostel and expenses and living expenses. Give some lightening on this topic.

  7. Article is quite informative Chris than you for sharing.
    I planning to Do masters in Italy after my Masters in Organic chemistry here in India.
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  8. Hi Chris
    This is an awesome page… Thank you for your kindness.
    I really want to know more about studying in Italy. Now I’m pursing my BPT in india final yr
    Soo go r the master prgms ,fees ,uni’s , scholarship..and all the things including the negatives also….
    Please do rply as best as possible

  9. Hey,My name is Hanan, I am looking for MS in Energy engineering,I would like to know about the possibility of getting part time job there,Cause living in a country with different language,But i am comfortable in English also

  10. Hello Chris, I think I got most of what I need to know from this article, thanks a million for that. I had a few more questions the answers to which i found nowhere. I am a final year medical student now and will start my post graduation in 2 years. Also I have been learning Italian for 4 years now with the aim of settling in Italy sometime in future.
    What exams am I supposed to appear for to be able to study in Italy?

  11. Can people after the age of 18 come to complete the college? Is Part time job needed to manage the expenses? Which is most safest town for students?

    • Hey Krutarth, so you can definitely sign up for college after the age of 18 in Italy, there aren’t any age restrictions once you received your high school diploma. When it comes to part-time jobs, I always suggest trying to find one cause that way you have some extra cash to travel around the country while you’re here to complete your study program. To answer your last question every city is pretty safe for students, definitely keep in mind that cities like Milan are more used to an international student body, but than a city like Perugia or Bologna are center around uni-life, so you’ll have more to do without going bankrupt.

  12. Hey Chris,
    I am looking for masters in business analytics from MIP (politechnico di milano) and I am thinking to settle there after my graduation being an Indian
    Could you help me know if there is scope in this field ?

    • Milan and business are the best combo, so I think you’ll be fine once you graduate! Business Masters in Milan are great to find jobs in the City

  13. Can u please tell me From where do indian students manage their daily food in Italy? Do they have mess or any kinda thing ? Do university’s provide lunch? Or the campus?

    • Hey Naira, this really depends on the university you attend, some offer lunch for free, while others have a “mensa” where you pay a set rate for lunch. Usually, this doesn’t go over 5,60€ for a 2-course meal with sides

  14. I am a prospective candidate for a study abroad program. There are so many places in my list and I have given my exams for selection. This article has cleared my doubts about Italy. Thanks for updating so much details. It will surely help in my quest to study abroad.

  15. What is the best university in Florence for master in interior design ? Is it easy to get job in same field being Indian? and according to what is consider as a good pay scale for student?

    • There are a wide variety of great Universities that offer masters in Interior design in Florence and have success stories from students that leave. Here is a list of most of the schools we recommend with FDA being one of them. In regards to your question regarding pay, that depends on various factors, keep in mind that the median income is about €29K a year, with an average of €12 an hour.

    • At the moment with the Covid emergency, there aren’t many international students in Italy. But in regards to the norm, the majority of students that come from India come to Italy to study scientific materials like Medicine at a postgraduate and masters level.

    • Well depending on where you want to be Italy has a fair amount of great universities that offer MBAs I found a good list for you to look through here. Criteria may vary which each university, for example, Bocconi’s MBA prefers at least 5 years of work experience, if that isn’t the case you need to have great a stellar academic record.

  16. The article is very informative, thank you very much, one can feel honesty and your your honest efforts while reading. Thanks again. Keep posting such articles. I, here in India, facilitate students seeking admissions in Italy. Article is helpful for me. Thanks.


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