Italy is really not known around the world for its music festivals, but one thing I can say for sure is that the country has finally evolved from just promoting opera, and the talents that are showcased around each and every festival go from headliner names to up and coming bands that are totally worth finding out about.

Personally, I’m a big fan of festivals in this country cause of the chill vibes that are already part of the culture, and the fact that many of them are in some amazing historical cities and locations. I still remember going to see Manu Chao (not exactly up and coming) in Vulci, an Etruscan Archaeological site in Lazio. We were there to see the gig and at the end just chilled in this improvised parking lot eating pecorino and prosciutto, until the sun came up. You really can’t beat that. But we’re not just talking about my experiences in this post. I want you guys to know about where you can go if this summer you’re in Italy and you can’t be bothered to see another historical site, or go to another uni meet and greet. Plus if you DO want to go to a historical site, no worries cause some of these festivals are right in them.

Unfortunately not every festival posted it’s line up and dates yet, but at least you can keep an eye on them while you wait.

Siren Festival, Vasto – 26-? July

I’ll start with one of the most important ones atm, you can enjoy the quaint city of Vasto in a whole different scenario. You have some amazing artists coming in ready to chill you the f out. You’ll see some great acoustic session in squares you’ll never see again.

Ferrara Sotto le Stelle, Ferrara – June – July

Ferrara is one of those underrated cities that doesn’t get the love it deserves, but you should check it out before it gets too famous. Enjoy the magic of Ferrara Sotto le Stelle, literally meaning Ferrara under the stars.

Pistoia Blues, Pistoia – 5-10 July

Not too far from Florence, you can find Pistoia, this city with Lucca is one of the biggest promoters of Summer festivals. You can see any headliner you could think about, we’re talking about people like Elton John has played the Pistoia Blues.

Lucca Summer Festival, Lucca – June – July

As I anticipated Lucca is another amazing city to enjoy a good live concert. It’s already a beautiful city on its own, but during the Summer Festival, it’s mad. You have to check who you want to see, but keep in mind here you’ll mostly find big names, last time I was in Lucca (not for the festival) the Backstreet Boys were doing their reunion tour (I WAS NOT THERE FOR THAT)

Rock in Roma, Rome – June – July

Rock in Roma brings in all the oldies you listen to when you want that jolt of energy you need. It’s one of the biggest festivals in Italy and if you’re into Classic Rock, this is the place for you. You shouldn’t miss it.

ToDays, Turin – 23-25 August

ToDays is one of those chilled festivals that bring in all the newest bands you are already listening to, I was lucky enough to go see King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard – a mouthful – and it was amazing. The crowd was so varied and everyone had a blast. You can’t miss out on ToDays that’s all I’ve got to say.

Ypsigrock, Palermo – 8-11 August

Southern Italy doesn’t have that many festivals, but Ypsirock is in such an amazing location you should go even just to see it for yourself. You’ll be enjoying amazing artists in ancient ruins near the sea. Like do I even have to say anything else? Come on.


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