Italian fashion is no doubt one of the most followed fashions in the world. I mean let’s just look at the four main fashion weeks: New York, London, Milan, and  Paris. Lucky for me Milan is in Italy, so that proves my point. But I won’t be speaking about Milan’s Italy fashion week, rather I’ll be talking about the other main fashion event in Italy, an event that every year gets bigger and bigger and this year had the likes of Givenchy and Ferragamo shows their collections: Pitti Uomo. Contrary to the name Pitti Uomo 2019 wasn’t held at Pitti Palace, even though it was historically, the Pitti Uomo location is in the Fortezza da Basso. 

I was able to get into the fashion week in Florence Italy, but only the Italian Mens fashion fair. For those of you that don’t know there are 3 different Pitti fairs that take place. The first being Pitti Uomo Florence, the second Pitti Bimbo (so kids), and lastly Pitti Filati (a fair that shows off all the latest materials to use in fashion).

I’ll say that some Italian fashion brands this year were super chill and had some great stands as you’ll see in the photos below, but keep in mind that Pitti Italy is an international affair, with brands coming from the US, the UK, South Africa, and most importantly for this year China. This Pitti fashion week invited China as its guest country showing off the creative talents that the nation had to offer, and you would’ve been impressed. This year men’s clothing Florence Italy was on a whole other level, a truly international Pitti Immagine.

Another thing I noticed was how Italian Fashion is branching out as much as possible, bringing in the casual fashion trends that are taking the market by storm. With many at the Pitti fashion fair not as peacocky as usual, I mean there were many peacocks, but not as many that’s what I’m saying.

So, I hope you enjoy some of the snaps from the Pitti fashion show and that you can get a glimpse of how Italy and fashion are interconnected to one another. Plus, you can start to imagine an Italy where Florence fashion will slowly be able to compete with Milan thanks to the tenacity of this Pitti fashion week.



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