Success at your fingertips in downtown Milan

Close your eyes, and take a deep breath. Now, start fantasizing about what it would be like to kick-start your career while, at the same time, living abroad and learning a foreign language.

Imagine living in Milan, learning Italian from pro teachers…

For instance, picture yourself living in the heart of Milan, Italy’s fashion, finance, and design capital. Fancy having a cappuccino for breakfast, walking to class surrounded by world-class art and cutting-edge architecture, learning Italian from highly experienced teachers in a vibrant international environment, and taking an internship at a leading Italian company.

…and interning at a top local company

Not any company, one that does business in the very field that appeals to you, and/or meets your talents. You’d be able to enjoy an insider’s view of the career you think you’d like to pursue, get hands-on knowledge, and include the experience in your CV.

No dreaming, this is the real world

Is it all just a daydream? Absolutely not, my dear Studentsville blog readers, it’s actually possible thanks to Il Centro Milano’s trailblazing Italian & Internship in Milan program. Read on! I’ll tell you all about how it works, and, especially, why this type of work and study program can lead to your big breakthrough

Why you need to take an internship

Wondering why should you consider taking an internship in the first place? Because we live in a fast-moving world, and there isn’t much space for those who don’t have work experience. High marks in school alone are, alas, no longer enough to guarantee that you’ll get your dream job. On-target skills and experience are what your future boss wants you to have, so you’ve got to get it somewhere. That “somewhere” is an internship. 

The benefits of living and studying abroad

I’d have to write a three-volume book to nail all the incredible bonuses that come from spending time abroad, learning a foreign language, and learning to cope with life out of your comfort zone. Let’s keep it simple.

3 great reasons to live and study abroad

  1. Living abroad opens your mind: exploring a new culture in a different country allows you to find your way, and yourself, while experiencing a way of life you’re not familiar with. It’s great exercise for your brain and emotions alike.
  2. Learning a foreign language unfolds your consciousness, and helps you gain insight.
  3. Both the above make you more self-confident, and both look extremely attractive to your future employers.

Why choose Italy 

Because Italy’s the birthplace of pasta, pesto, and gelato! No, seriously. Italy has traits that make life as an off-site student-intern pleasant and happy: locals will go out of their way to make you feel at home, the food is extraordinary, and the sights and attractions are countless. And then there’s Italian: lyrical, harmonious, and seductive, it’s the language of love, opera, and Dolce and Gabbana. You’ll never regret learning Italian.

Milan l’è un gran Milan!

I.e. “Milan’s a great Milan!” That’s what the Milanese say, and indeed Milan is more than a great city: it’s a great “Milan” because it is uniquely success-driven and brimming with creative spirit. This Italian city’s forward-looking business scenario is celebrated worldwide: world capital of interior design, it is also the glossy haven of fashion, and cutting-edge businesses specialized in communications, digital marketing, and business administration. 

A school that helps you jumpstart your future career

Whether you’re longing to become an ingenious digital marketing specialist, or you’ve been forever dreaming of a career in fashion, urban planning, or interior design, Milan is a great place to start, and Il Centro’s Italian&Internship program can serve as a springboard for your future,

About Il Centro 

Located in the fascinating Brera neighborhood in Milan, Il Centro – Centro di Lingua e Cultura Italiana per Stranieri – (literally “Center of Italian language and culture for foreigners”)  specializes in providing foreign students with the opportunity to learn the Italian language, and gain insight into Italian culture, in a pleasant, friendly environment. Founded some 35 years ago, the school boasts 3 main assets. These are:

  • a team of highly-skilled experienced teachers
  • a pioneering teaching method called the communicative method with a humanistic approach
  • ingenious didactics that include novel in-house developed learning materials 

Why does a language school offer an internship program?

Il Centro’s teachers leave no stone unturned to understand their students’ distinctive needs and talents, and accordingly fine-tune classes and courses. Their commitment is what led to the ideation of ”Italian&Internship in Milan”. The program, in fact, provides Italian language students with an opportunity to practice Italian in “the real world”, increasing both their knowledge and confidence and boosting their professional skills by interning at a local company.

A striking variety of options

Today, this well-polished study program provides students worldwide with the chance to intern at a Milan-based company while taking an intensive Italian language course, 4 daily classes 5 days a week. Offering a range of different options, both in terms of the firms you can work at and the time you want to spend in Milan, the program meets the most diverse needs

Work in the field of business that most appeals to you

Il Centro’s aim is to offer educational and work-oriented opportunities while respecting the different talents and aspirations of young people from all countries. Hence, the program provides attendees with the opportunity to choose between 4 different “areas” of business chosen among those most well-developed and influential in Milan and its surroundings. 

Countless career opportunities 

These are fashion marketing and business, interior design and architecture, communications and digital marketing, and business administration and start-up. Needless to say, each of these can lead to an incredible variety of different career paths: you could become an expert in fashion PR, an architect, a data analyst, a social media manager…. and a lot more too!

Stay as long as you wish

Specifically, one can choose among the following:

  • 2 months of Italian classes + 1 month of internship 
  • 3 months of Italian classes + 2 months of internship
  • 3 months of Italian classes + 3 months of internship 
  • 4 months of Italian classes + 2 months of internship
  • 6 months of Italian classes + 3 months of internship
  • 9 months of Italian classes + 3 months of internship 

It all depends on what kind of experience you’re looking for, and how serious you are about building your future career starting in Milan! 

How to enroll

Enrolling is easy, quick, and straightforward. This is how it works. 

First and foremost, keep in mind that applications need to be received at least 2 months prior to your desired starting date. Secondly, applicants are required to have a B1-level command of the Italian language. Just write to or call +39 02 86.90.554: the school’s staff will arrange a test (which can be held online if you’re not in Italy) to assess your level. Finally, send your CV to the school, and specify what your field of interest for the internship is.

Finally, Il Centro’s faculty is happy to help, so if you need any additional information, just fill in the form, and they’ll get back to you in a jiffy! 


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