Another Friday is coming to an end, and that means that you’re ever closer to enjoy your first, or not, Halloween in Italy, it’s just a couple weeks away and you’re probably thinking to yourself “do they celebrate Halloween in Italy?”. Well, they tend to have a lot of Halloween parties, but you won’t find any trick or treat Italian kids running around the streets.

So to answer that “Is Halloween celebrated in Italy?” Yeah, but in a totally different way from what you’ve seen in those American Movies. Halloween in Italy isn’t about the pumpkins (I just realized how little Jack O’Lanterns are around the streets during this spooky season), it isn’t about the kids, it’s only about going out with friends, cause the 1st of November is always a day off. That’s Ognissanti, Allsaints day. That’s the main reason people started celebrating Halloween here. Cause they could sleep in the next day.

Now, let’s say you’re already in Italy and want to know about Halloween in Florence Italy (cause I’ve got to repeat that Italy as much as you can to get you on the blog ? ). Keep in mind that Florence is the most “Americanized” Italian city there is, so when it comes to facts about Halloween in Italy, Florence is the number one location in the country for Halloween. Sure Milan has a very international crowd, but modern Halloween is American (even though old school Halloween is Brit).

What can you do for Halloween then?

Dress up and find a party to go to, personally I wouldn’t go to any club event as they’ll let you pay a gazillion bucks to get in, and you’ll be tres crammed in there, but all the major clubs like Space, FullUp, Red Garter, Flo, Tenax, and so on are going to go full-on. Me, I’ll probably be strolling around town to see what creatures of the night come out, cause at Halloween the city streets and Piazzas wake up to a new mood.

Plus, worst comes to worst, if you don’t want to do anything you can keep your energy for a beautiful countryside walk in the Tuscan hills for the Weekend, where you’ll see a whole variety of colors you’ll never get the chance to see again.

Before I leave you I might as well tell you how do you say trick or treat in Italian, cause hey maybe you have kids and want to try to bring that youthful mood to Halloween in Italy. Trick or Treat is “Dolcetto o Scherzetto”

Anyway, Merry Spooks to all!



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