There are few recipes Florentine people and foreigners consider Florence-born, let’s have a look at them or, in other words, let’s disco-ver What are the piatti tipici di Firenze?

You’ve seen our post on all the Italian Food you could get in every region. Now it’s time to look into every one of them in-depth, we’re gonna start local talking about our lovely hometown, Florence. So, what Florentine Specialities are the ones that you have to try at least once while in the city of the Renaissance?

You might as well think about some of the best restaurants in Florence from our personal list.

You’ll find out what food is Florence best known for and after that, once you arrive in this beautiful city, you’ll be able to eat like a local every time you order. I can’t see anything wrong with that. Actually, I think it’s pretty good to know what to eat now that all the restaurants are empty because of the coronavirus scare.

So, as you’re reading off of your phone while freaking out because you’re in Italy at the moment and think you’re going to die, or you’re in the states going through the same thing cause the panic is starting over there as well. I can only tell you to chill and read on about some of the best Florentine Specialities and find a place that makes them and go get yourself some gout, rather than COVID-19.

What is Florentine food? And what are Florentine Specialities?

Usually, it’s meat-based because of its location within the hills, but don’t worry there are also some vegan and veggie options for you out there. Let’s find out what the best food in Florence is.

Bistecca alla Fiorentina

A beautiful Bistecca by Smiling Pixell on Pixabay

The epitome of Florentine cuisine, everyone knows about it, and everyone that eats meat has to try it at least once in their life. Remember that the Bistecca alla Fioretina needs to be bloody, don’t go asking for it well done.


Look at that Lampredotto dish by akiragiulia on Pixabay

We talked about Lampredotto, and you know how much I love it. I mean I called it the Holy Grail, and I still feel that I’m not giving it the credit it deserves. Read up and try it out!!


Look at Joy taking a mad pic of this Ribollita

Ribollita is one of those plates that you need to try, even if you aren’t a vegan/vegetarian. It’s the Florentine bean soup, made with old bread, beans, and all the greens you could ever imagine.

Crostini Toscani

Florentine Specialities

Now let’s go back to meat for a second. France may have Foie Gras, Florence has Fegatini di Pollo, the poor man’s Liver Pate. God, I could eat these forever and ever. They are amazing. Now if you’re in Florence or anywhere in Tuscany you’ll find them in virtually every restaurant, but if you go to the Mossacce in Florence, you’ll enjoy the original version. Dunked in the sauce, so even though the plate might look wet, don’t worry it’s just extra flavoring.

Pappa Al Pomodoro

Pappa Al Pomodoro is one of the most Italian plates there is out there, but Florence is where it was born. Born from the lower classes of society, this plate is literally old bread and tomato sauce. It doesn’t sound appealing, but god it’s great.


Thank you, Kent Wang, for showing the world

One of those Florentine Specialities that you need in your life, it’s a stew. It’s a heavy baby, and it’s also quite spicy, but peppery-spicy. A Beef stew cooked for hours on end in all the black pepper you could imagine. If that’s you’re thing you have to eat it at least once. Plus it’s a one of the
Florentine Food Specialities.

Fagioli All’uccelletto

Florentine Specialities
Michele Simoncini is showing the respect Fagioli All’Uccelleto deserve

Many people have tried the bland and commercial version of this, I’m talking to the UK people out there. Don’t’ get me wrong I could die for a lifetime supply of Heinz Beans, but Fagioli all’Uccelletto are the OG tomato bean.

Trippa alla Fiorentina

AAAAAAAH Tripe, it’s one of those things that you eat as an initiation rite. Not officially, but when you do it does feel like it. You’ll have all the Florentines looking at you take your first bite, and wait for your reaction. I’m not a massive fan of the texture, but the sauce…..mmmmmm tasteeeeeey.

Panzanella alla Fiorentina

Are you looking for dry bread? Cause guess what Panzanella is another veggie/vegan dish that is based on dried bread. This variety of bread meal is more of a salad, you’ve got fresh tomatoes and onions in it, and many things change base on the restaurant you’re eating in. It’s great for those hot summer days, once that coronavirus passes away.

Piselli alla Fiorentina

Couldn’t find a pic of the plate, but thanks to S Das I got some peas on Pixabay

They are peas, that is true, but don’t order them if you’re vegan or vegetarian, cause they are drowned in bacon. So, all the rest of us that love bacon more than our dear life, cause it actually slowly killing us, but f it, I don’t care. Order it every time you go out. EVERY TIME.

Cantuccini Toscani

Finally, the desert, you’ve ordered everything off of my suggestion list, your bill is going to be astronomical, but hey at least you have some space for dessert right? You know about Cantuccini, I’m sure about that, but do you also dunk them in the Vin Santo. I’m pretty sure you do that too.


One of the lesser-known Florentine Specialities and desserts is Castagnaccio. It’s a chestnut based cake, with pinoli and raisins in it as well. It’s really good, I mean I was lucky enough to have it made by my best friend’s grandma, and I will have to say that my main advice is to make some Florentine friends and see if you can get a slice of a homemade one. Worst comes to worst you hop back on a plane to wherever you’re from and you don’t see them again.

Red Wine

A very specific name but Congerdesign has got the right pic of red wine. Pixabay

You’re going to need to drown all those things down some way right? How are you going to go about that without getting yourself some classic Tuscan red wine? Always remember these three varieties, as they are the ones made closest to Florence, so they are also the best bang for your buck, when here. The Chianti, The Rosso di Montalcino, and The Brunello di Montalcino.



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