The View from San Miniato

The view from San Miniato al Monte is usually forgotten by most, just trek a bit higher from Piazzale Michelangelo and you’ll find a higher view and a lot less tourists.

Giardino delle Rose

Beneath Piazzale Michelangelo you’ll find the amazing Giardino delle Rose, go there during spring to see some beautiful roses in bloom, while enjoy a stunning view of Florence. Did someone say Instagram?

Dante’s Face

A treasure hunt if you may, when you arrive at Dante’s house you have to look carefully at the stones in front and you might find a little surprise

The Side Streets of Florence

Florence has a whole lot of side streets that you never really take, the one in the image brings you right to the galleria degli Uffizi, but let’s see what other amazing alleys you can find.

The Giant of Villa Demidoff

Villa Demidoff is a location in Florence, that can be also called the second Pitti, it’s gardens are never ending and they arrive all the way to Pratolino, that’s where you’ll find this amazing statue.

Giardino Torrigiani

Another beautiful garden that you can find on the other side of the Arno, a beautiful place to see the history of Florence, without the hustle and bustle of Boboli.

Museo di San Marco

The Museo di San Marco, close to many of the Universities in Florence, has some of the most important Humanist art. The Pre-Renaissance era is something that tends to be forgot by many. Brush up on your art history in this ex monastery museum, while walking in the rooms of some of the artists.

Secret Bakeries

You probably know this one, but hey you have to be reminded sometimes, those amazing locations where you can pick up a pastry at 4-5 in the AM. Personally my favourite is the one in Via delle Pinzocchiere, but it’s only open during the weekdays.

Street Art

A city with so much art history, needs modern art as well. You can find some amazing pearls if you’re careful to the details when walking around town.

Piazza della Passera

Last but definitely not least on our Florence off the beaten path list is Piazza della Passera, a beautiful square near Palazzo Pitti, you go down a little alleyway and you find this beautiful gem in the Centro Storico of Florence.


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