What the hell is happening with this Florence earthquake? If you’ve been following the news about Italy you must have heard that today at around 4.30 AM (GMT +1) a town north of Florence, Scarperia, was hit by a 4.8 magnitude earthquake. People living in and around Scarperia had to rush to the street for safety, but for now, no injuries were reported.

So, if you’re in Florence, or more importantly if you’ve got kids studying in Florence, you need not worry as the only effect of the Florence Earthquake that was felt was a bit of a shake around 5.00 AM (GMT +1). So everyone is safe in the city, except for the people that had to get on a train for their commute to work. The train station of Firenze Santa Maria Novella was riddled with delayed trains and canceled ones, and I mean loads of delays.  So many that I’m writing this while I’m at the station with my GF waiting. 

Why the delays at Florence Santa Maria Novella Train Station?

It’s part of the security measure put in place by the Italian Rail System (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane), that is activated when an earthquake over 4 of magnitude takes place. So, yeah I hope you’re train wasn’t canceled or that you’re here waiting in the station with me, but at least you can be sure that when your train departs you’ll be safe during your journey.

As I’m posting this online I’m finding out that the train circulation is back to normal, so any train departing after 10.30 shouldn’t be canceled, nor delayed, expect some backup tardiness from the trains that had to depart prior.


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