Greve in Chianti is a beautiful pearl right outside of Florence, you’ve probably heard about it while looking for some Chianti wine tour that tickles your fancy, and you probably know that Greve in Chianti Italy is where you start some of the best Chianti tours as well, I mean why would it be in all of those Chianti wine tour guides.

I’m not here to advertise a chianti wine tour form Florence, but rather I’m going to tell you about my amazing Chianti day trip I went on a couple weeks back, cause I’m mostly in Florence atm, and you know what I wanted to take a day off from all that art. Even though Greve in Chianti Italy has a great deal of art itself, the main attraction you’ll find is the Greve in Chianti wineries, and also the food, cause OH SWEET LORD it’s good.

day trip

To start my Florence to Chianti day trip I must admit I went with my gf and a friend that drove us there cause he needed a break from Florence as well. Fear not as you can rent a car, and we have some suggestions right here for you on where to find the best deals

If you don’t want to rent a car and save some cash you can always catch a bus that goes to Greve and it takes pretty much an hour to get there compared to the 40 mins it took us by car. The tickets cost 3€ each way, and you can find them at the Autostazione right in front of Santa Maria Novella, that’s where all the local/out-of-Florence buses leave from, but anyway it’s gonna set you back 6€ at the end of the day, not bad and you don’t have to worry about parking. 

The only thing that you need to worry about is not losing the last bus home. During the Week it’s at 8.25 pm, on Saturdays it’s at 6.55 pm, and on Sundays it’s at 6.55 pm again. Always show up early and just in case ask the ticket stand where you buy the tickets in Florence.

Now, what was Studentsville’s Chris chianti tour like? (Sorry I used the third person, but I’m trying to get some SEOOOOO). Actually tres chill, we went to the main square and ate at one of the top Greve in Chianti restaurants, that isn’t really a restaurant, but the oldest butcher shop in town. The Antica Macelleria Falorni. God, it was good, we spent 70 € in three people with a nice bottle of red, locally produced, the creme de la creme of Greve. A 2016 Castello di Verrazzano Chianti DOCG, as they say in Florence…LA BASELLI.

Greve in Chianti Italy

After we enjoyed our meal we needed to go for a nice walk to digest all that food, and our friend found a super nice simple trek to do that took us about 2 hours. We started in Greve, walked to Montefioralle a beautiful little Borgo that oversees the town of Greve in Chianti and then after that we walked down to the Macina di San Cresci, where you’ll find an old church that is now used as a residence for artists.

Now we left a bit late from Florence that day so we didn’t have that much time to visit other amazing locations, but we did enjoy our little day trip out of the city and returned to Florence fully refreshed.

Greve in Chianti

In the meantime, while you’re thinking about coming to Florence remember that Studentsville is the place for you to find all the info you need!


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