Venice is one of the best cities to live in Italy, if you’re really into the amazing art and unique architecture that a city on water brings. Plus, I mean it’s the most famous city on water you’ve ever heard of. So, how can you as an expat go on and live in Venice, and why should you? If you think about it there is already a thriving community of expats living in Venice Italy, why not join them once you finish your studies. Maybe just decide to pick up and go live there right after the pandemic is over.

Obviously there is a lot of bureaucracy involved in living in Italy, but luckily for you we’ve got some great pointers to make the whole ordeal a little less confusing. I’m not gonna go out there and say it isn’t complicated, because bureaucracy and Italy are usually an explosive mix of rage and frustration. Anyway if you click here you’ll find all the info you need regarding the Visas, documents that one needs to study or even just stay in Italy. If you’re planning on becoming an expat, defo worth going through the page.

So, hopefully I didn’t scare you off with the bureaucratic stuff about Italy, and you’re now even more willing to stay in Italy and join the expats living in Venice Italy. Now what can you do once you get there, what are the perks of living in Italy, specifically in Venice? Oh if you put aside the food, the art, the cinema, and that beautiful Italian lifestyle, I guess there isn’t much to it. I guess it’s time to look at some of the things to do in Venice as an expat, or even just as someone there in general.

Best things to do in Venice for expats

What are the best things to do in Venice for an expat? Well, in my opinion enjoy the city at its full potential. Visit all of the best museums, enjoy walking in the silent streets of Venice while looking for your next spritz, visit all the islands of the Laguna, because there are some beautiful spots that tend to be forgotten when you only have a couple days to visit.

If you think about the astonishing San Lazzaro degli Armeni where the monks of San Lazzaro taught Lord Byron Armenian so he could publish an Armenian-English dictionary, or even Lido, the island to which Byron would swim to to visit the Jewish Cemetery.

Plus, let’s not forget all the “cicchetti” spots to enjoy a quick Spritz and some snacks, you have to try them out. Cheap, good, and worth the whole stay. I remember going to Al Timon, it had a little boat outside where you could sit on while enjoying a spritz, worst comes to worst go to Harry’s Bar or Florian and I’m sure you’ll find an expat/tourist there.

One other thing you can do is join the InterNations group and see if there are any events going on, this way you’ll meet some expats like you and have them show you their favorite “cicchetteria”.

Living in Venice like a student

Some of you are here and are prospective International students, making you potential expats, but before you can live the high life in Venice you need to enjoy the nightlife and do that on a budget.

Main thing to do when you want to save cash is eat at those cicchetti spots I was talking about before. It’s cheap and it’s filling, this way you can enjoy a night out on a budget.

Plus, if you want to enjoy Venetian culture there are defo some student discounts on most of the cities attraction. Make sure to check out if you’re uni has any relationships with the main attractions and maybe get in without spending a dime.

Benefits of living in Venice Italy

Venice is one of the best cities in Italy, I say that of a lot of cities, but mostly because I like that Italian lifestyle. I like that chill vibe that comes with the Italian hours, and that for me is the main reason one should live in any Italian city. But when it comes to Venice, the main reason to stay there is the silence. It’s pretty counterintuitive to think about Venice as a silent city with all the bars and cheap spritz, but the streets are built in a way that the city is always quite.

I went there last time for Carnevale (the city is mad when that time comes) but once you’d walk down a different street that wasn’t as crowded you could find peace, and I’ve got to say I was extremely shocked at how peaceful it would become.

So Venice is no doubt a great place to visit, to stay, and to study in. The only thing left to do now is find that apartment in Venice for when you want to come over.



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