If you’ve been around in the last years, you have definitely seen those orange bikes around the city, those are Mobikes. They do the job when you need a bike to get somewhere when you realize you’re a little late to a meeting or a cafe with some amici. Now obviously Movi (the mother company of Mobike) couldn’t just leave the city living with the same bicycles they left since day one, and even though they have always improved the shared bikes available, since August they started leaving a new type of bicycle around town: the e-bike.

The new e-bikes have been a boom here in Florence, with thousands of people downloading the app to try them out, and I’ll be honest I still haven’t gotten the chance to try on, but I’m really curious. I mean I do prefer to pedal my bike, but sometimes it gets a little tiring, especially taking into account all of the older streets that are in the center of Florence.

To give it a go, you need to download the Movi app, top it up and enjoy the ride. The older bikes came at about 1€ per 20 minutes ride, which includes the unlocking cost. Guess what, I wasn’t sure about the e-bike pricing in Florence, and lucky for you I just found out that they cost no different from the regular bikes.

All I have to say is if you’re in Florence since Covid-19 I’d advise trying one out before the cold weather hits and you won’t ever want to go out again. Plus nothing beats a nice ride on the lungarno when it’s around 20/25 C° and a little windy. It’s tres refreshing.

My advice would be to pick one up around Santa Croce, or the Viali. From there go towards the Arno river and follow it in the direction of Ponte Vecchio, but before getting to the famous bridge in Florence, stop at the Uffizi. You’ll find the bikes cause there is a little archway on the Lungarno and you can see Palazzo Signoria from it. After you enjoyed the view of Signoria pass Ponte Vecchio, because biking that bridge is just madness, and take the next bridge down to go explore Di la d’Arno (I’ve written a walking guide a while back, so check it out to remember what places you need to see). There you’ll see Piazza Santo Spirito, Palazzo Pitti, and a whole variety of little streets in which to lose yourself and discover some of the best-kept secrets of Florence.

So, yeah pass the bridge from where Faruk Kaymak on Unsplash took this pic

Also with these bikes being pedal-assisted, why not go a little crazy and try to pedal your way up to Piazzale Michelangelo, this way after all the hard work put into the pedaling session you’ll get a beautiful view to compliment your day.


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