Milan is no doubt one of the most sought out locations to study in Italy, and understandably you want to go and check it out. I mean if you’re a fashion student this is most probably your best bet for highly recognized schools, and also find a job after you finished with your studies. But what is the cost of living in Milan, and why should you study in this city rather than another? Well, you’ll find our reasons in a post from a while back that you can find here why study abroad in Milan. Now let’s find out.

Is Milan expensive?

cost of living in milan

What I want to talk about today is actually the cost of living in Milan. It’s definitely one of the priciest cities in Italy, but it’s also because it’s one of the economic hotbeds of the country, so if you find a job to help cover some expenses you’ll get paid adequately.

You’re probably sitting there thinking “I want to move in Milan” and how much cash are you going to have to put aside to do something like that? Well, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that rents are pretty high, so when you’re factoring in budget accommodation in Milan you need to keep in mind that the average cost for an apartment on your on will range between €800-1000 ( check our apartments for rent in Milan), that could be with “spese condominiali” (that’s a fee you pay the apartment block in case of anything needs to be fixed, like if the roof is leaking the whole apartment block puts money,. Also you’re paying electric bills and cleaning bills for staircases, the elevator, and the doorman if you have one). 

When it comes to food the cost of living in Milan is acceptable, and the trick is to do your shop at the various farmer markets in town. You can save a fair amount of money this way, and on the plus side, you’ll also always have fresh food in your house. The only hassle with farmer markets is that they happen certain days a week and only for certain hours of the day, so you’re going to have to find out on the street, or maybe through us soon enough.

How is it to live in Milan?

Living in Milan is a great experience for a student, you can’t really think about a better place in Italy. It’s got all the right nights out, and bars to chat with your friends. But what is the cost of living in Milan for students? Nights out are quite costly if you’re going to the glitzy-glamour Milanese hotspots, but you can also find a great deal of smaller places in which you’ll spend around 5 euro for a drink and 3 for a beer. Even though the. The average is 8-10 euros a drink and 5 euros for a beer. If you’re looking for more info on the matter you can also check out a more generic post on living in Italy for international students, cause maybe Milan isn’t your first choice, maybe you have another city you want to stay in.

How much does a meal cost in Milan?

According to the good old Numbeo an inexpensive meal can cost up to 15€ a person, but if you don’t want to sit down you can also get some stuff to go and drop that price lower. If you like to try a nice fried calzone near Duomo, you can spend about 4€ on it, add another 2€ for a drink, and with 6€ you’re set, full and happy.

Tips for moving in Milan

My main tip for moving to Milan is definitely, don’t pack a lot cause you’re going to be in one of the 4 fashion capitals of the world. You’ll find a whole variety of shops with such a wide range of prices that even if you’re on a budget you’ll be able to fill that empty suitcase in no time, check need a Milan Shopping guide?

Also, you’ll need to spend a lot of time on our website to check out all the various places to eat, to have fun in, and to study at, cause let’s be honest that’s the main reason you’re here, not just to read my rantings. We’ve got a full collection of those places on our main website, and because I’m a nice guy you don’t have to find that page on your own, but you can just find it through Milan City the complete guide

So now you know how expensive is Milan Italy but if you budget properly, find a couple roommates, and maybe find some part-time job to get some extra cash you’ll be fine. No need to worry about going broke.

Milan City: useful informations



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