Once you arrive in Italy as a student, maybe you’re not thinking too much about budgets, but rather about where can you go see the best museum/best party in town. It’s a pretty valid reason, but you can’t keep partying, and culturing this much without wondering what is the cost of living in Italy for international students, you know at least you won’t go bankrupt in the first week here – to know more about student life in Italy you can read our study abroad in Italy free guide

And I know that that’s the reason you love us so much, cause we always find the way to make your student life in Italy tres easier.

cost of living in italy for internal students

When you’re thinking about moving to another country, even if not indefinitely, you’re gonna want to know where to find the best apartments. For now we can help you the most with everything that has to do with Italy so if you’re that curious why not give a look at our apartments in Italy a full 2019 guide for your travels. At least you’ll know what price range you’re looking at.

If you are interested in living expenses in Italy for students, you can find a couple of cities that we already talked about in our article that talks about the prices in cost of living in Florence,  cost of living in Rome, cost of living in Milan but if you’re wondering what is the cost of living in Turin for studentscheck our accommodation in Turin Italy) or the cost of living in Italy Bologna you can read this and have a general idea of the cost of living in Italy for students.

I want to study in Italy

That’s great I mean that is what we can help you the most in, especially when it comes to helping you find accommodation. On our main website, you can find a whole list of cities and all the various universities and colleges you can attend. Also, you can find summer programs, Italian courses and cooking classes, cause why not learn how to cook while here. Check our apartments for rent in Italy

I want to rent a room in Italy

When you’re thinking about the cost of living in Italy as students you’re going to think about rent as well, usually, we’re talking about 400-700 per month, that depends how big the room is, if you want a whole apartment to yourself, or if you want to share. Definitely, think about that in your average cost of living for students in Italy budget. Discover our student rooms in Italy

I want to go to live in Italy

Well, that is a bit more tricky, we’re talking about moving to a country, and that involves the LAW. It’s not impossible though, you’ll need to acquire a permesso di soggiorno and after some time, I think 10 years, you can become a citizen – you can read more about every document for studying in Italy the complete guide

Cost of living in Italy the tool for you

If you’re wondering about Italy cost of living for students this is the perfect tool for you. But as you pick what city you wish to live in you can compare living costs on numbeo.

So as you’re thinking about when you’ll come to study abroad in Italy, you can start to have a general idea of how much the cost of living in Italy for international students is going to affect you, so maybe you’re interested in looking for jobs for English speakers in Italy guide.

International Student Life in Italy

What can we say about this, it’s an adventure, especially if it’s the first time you leave your country. I can only say that you have to think about all the great times and friends you’re going to make while you’re here. Cause many of them just like you are living the same experience. You might find a new best friend in someone you never really talked to back at uni, but one thing I do recommend is to try to mingle with the locals. Cause this way you’ll get a taste of what it really means to live in Italy, what the culture is now is its people, more than the millennial history behind its buildings. The only thing that you’re left with doing is getting an apartment and picking your next city to study in.


  1. […] Keep in mind that Italy is a very tourist/student oriented country, and this does imply a certain number of properties do get put up for rent, this doesn’t in any way mean that you’ll get a sweet deal on some apartments, rather you’ll find yourself in a very similar price range where ever you wish to go. Usually apartments Italy for rent cost between €450 to €1100, this is an estimate keeping in mind location, so “In the Centre” or “Out of the Centre” and also bedrooms, with the lowest being a 1 bedroom apartment Out of the Centre. So always check where your classes will be, or what areas inspire you the most. Now that price is not counting utilities, but we’ll talk of those in the next paragraph, cause I’ll be taking into account monthly rent costs, so why not talk about expenses as well? Read more about cost of living in Italy […]

  2. […] Italy can be expensive in the cities, but living costs plummet once you visit the outskirts, but in relation to other main European countries it isn’t that expensive. You can get by spending 5 euro for a decent lunch in some places in the city as well, that isn’t a full course meal obvs, but if you’re budgeting Italy is a place that helps out in that ( read more about cost of living in Italy) […]


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