As you know from our Coronavirus update, we’re living a Coronavirus quarantine in all of Italy. What does this mean and how will this evolve? Really we don’t know at the moment as every week there’s a new decree put out. I won’t talk about those here, because I try to keep you informed on the other post.

So, what are you gonna read about here? Mostly how the things are going in these days, and what we can do in the country. The idea behind the quarantine is that we shouldn’t leave our house unless there is a valid reason to go out. These reasons are going to buy food, going to the hospital, going to the pharmacy, throwing out your garbage and last but not least bring your dog for a walk so he/she doesn’t use the house as its personal toilet. A pretty valid reason in my opinion.

coronavirus update
Photo by Philippe Mignot on Unsplash that pretty much represents what the streets look like in these days

So it’s officially day 4 of the Coronavirus quarantine and I’ve gotta say I’ve never been happier in my life to bring out the garbage. I mean I usually am super hassled about it, but these days it gives me a reason to get some fresh air. Another thing about this would be going to the supermarket, but I was lucky enough to go prior to the closing down of the country and stock up. When I brought out the garbage yesterday (this is going to be a bit repetitive, as that the only approach I have with society now) there was a really long cue outside of the local supermarket. If you’ve been to Florence and were in the center you know which supermarket it is. The Conad that always has massive cues to pay, so the only difference is that you wait outside now, instead of inside. yay.

Now luckily with these lockdown days, I have a lot more time in which I can work on my other passions. Cause it’s that or it’s watching Netflix, and even though I am streaming a fair amount of content, it can get pretty boring. As of today, the economy might be spiraling, but at least the majority of the country is respecting the quarantine and preventing further contagion. Something I would advise the rest of the world to do, just for a couple weeks. Another good thing is how all of Italy is actually taking this with a bit of humor, so we’re all in this boat together video calling each other and enjoying the time indoors. Like the genius making fan accounts for Prime Minister Conte.


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