Coronavirus Italy Update 26/10/2020 10.00 am

2 weeks ago I wrote down a list of new restrictions that were put in place by the Italian government and ended the whole thing with “Hopefully the next update is on how well everything is going” guess what….new restrictions have been put in place because the numbers are rising.

Yesterday we saw an increase in numbers that is very similar to the ones in the UK. Doctors and nurses are pressuring the state to let them understand that all hospitals will soon be full and we might see another situation like the one we saw in April. Hopefully, the new restrictions in place will slow the contagion rate so this doesn’t happen.

Yesterday Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte talked to the nation addressing the new restrictions the government signed in. We could say that we’re in a virtual lockdown at the moment, even though the prime minister was adamant to use words such as “lockdown” or “curfew” in his speech.

The new restrictions in place are as follow, so if you are in Italy atm you know what is going on, and what you can and cannot do.

Restaurants, bars, cafes and ice cream parlors

All of the above-mentioned business will have to close at 6.00 pm from today, this is to prevent any further risk of contagion within said places. This is going to be a huge blow to the owners, but supposedly there will be a stimulus check sent to each and everyone affected by these forced closures, hopefully, this works out, because we already have seen people do very desperate things during the first lockdown.

Another important aspect is that while these locations are open they cannot sit more than 4 people at a table, the only exception to the rule is that if the clients are family members.

Now it isn’t very clear on roommates, so if you’re living with more than three people and want to enjoy a nice lunch, make sure to let the restaurant understand that you all live together, worst comes to worst they’ll put you at 2 different tables.

No Parties whatsoever

Now, this was already a thing with the last DPCM put in place, but there was a limit of 30 people for weddings and other types of civil or religious celebrations. Today the situation is no parties of any shape or form.

Movie theatres, theatres and gyms

All of the above will be closed as well. Because the risk of contagion is very high in closed spaces and many cases start as asymptomatic, the government prefers to shut down these locations, and offer an economic stimulus to the people that work in these businesses.

Coronavirus Italy Update 13/10/2020 10.00 am

Ladies and gentleman, we knew it wasn’t over, but we could still hope it was going to just phase out. This time though, for everyones sake in Italy, I’m just going to leave you information on the new Government Decree regarding what can and can’t be done to prevent the further spread of Covid-19 within Italy.

Maybe you don’t know, but as of today we are recording the same numbers of infected as April, that was at about 5000 new cases a day. The main difference is that now we have a higher number of tests done daily. If we look at the first wave in Italy we were doing on average 40,000 tests a day, while today we are doing an average of 100,000 this way we have a better understanding of the virus.

To prevent a first wave situation, and to prevent an overload on the health system, Prime Minister Conte and the Italian Government have left us with new rules to follow.

New Face Mask rules

Now, Italy like the US has its fair share of ultracrepidarians on the role of the mask in the COVID pandemic. So, because of a**holes like them, cases are going through the roof. I really hope you aren’t someone that is on that side of history because you probably didn’t like what I wrote, but it’s also true that if you are reading this, you probably care about Covid and how not to spread it. You know you probably aren’t B-list murderers.

Anyway, new face mask are keep a mask with you at all times, wear it pretty much all the time when in public (that is unless you are in a situation where you continuously find yourself isolated from other people and can practice social distancing).

The people that don’t have to wear a mask are people with health conditions that make it impossible to wear a mask, people doing sports and physical activity, and kids under 6.

No private parties outdoors or indoors

This is more pointed towards weddings because the Italian government doesn’t want to come in our houses and tell us what to do, even though they strongly advise to not invite more than 6 people you don’t live with in your house.

Nightlife restrictions

Bars and restaurants are going to have to close at midnight and after 9 pm bars cannot serve patrons that aren’t sitting down. So, from now on if you want to enjoy a drink go for aperitivo, and don’t move from your table.

No School Trips

I mean this is pretty straight forward. No School Trips.

Movie theatres and Concerts

Nothing is changing on the national level, cinemas and concert venues can still host 200 people (if the location allows it) while indoors and 1000 people outdoors. While enforcing social distancing.


Very similar to the previous topic, but with each region being able to rethink the strategies of the national government based how big the stadiums are, and propose a new solution.


Now, professional sports are still on, the thing that is little disappointing for many will be that amateur competitions, or just get togethers, are going to be off limits. No calcetto, no basketball with friends, really no contact/team sport isn’t professional.

Hopefully the next update is on how well everything is going.

Coronavirus Italy Update 04/05/2020 1.00 pm

Welcome to the Fase 2 in Coronavirus Italy,

It’s officially Phase 2 in Italy, this means that many of the restrictions put in place to fight the spread of Coronavirus are being eased. But as I said in the last update, not many restrictions are lifted, if not those regarding the possibility to open up factories and re-start production. Because of this 4 million Italians will be going to work again.

I won’t express my personal opinion on this next thing, but in Tuscany Governor Rossi, eased restrictions on walking around to take a walk. (walking the walk). So, the streets are full of people again, I mean I don’t know personally cause I didn’t get a chance to see it first-hand, but I’ve seen videos of Santo Spirito and Sant’Ambrogio packed with people.

Coronavirus Italy Update 27/04/2020 2.00 pm

Last night Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte came out to talk to the country and tell us about how Italy will gradually start the reopening. Even though we won’t be actually reopening that much during this Coronavirus Italy stage 2 ?.

So, the idea is that after the 4th of May industry will start working again, but for the rest of us, we’ll still be under strict lockdown. Regional travel is still forbidden if not for extremely valid reasons, this is because the number of contagions hasn’t yet fallen under the 2000-threshold set by the government and scientists that are working to safely reopen the country.

Luckily we’ll be able to see family if they are within the region we’re residing at the moment, so personally, I can’t, but my gf will be able to visit her parents so that’s a plus. Unfortunately for most of the people that I know, that have relationships and don’t live with their partner, they still won’t be able to visit. Even-though I believe that the Decree will be changed as it’s still a draft version.

Anyway, we’ll wait and see closer to the 4th of May and understand what all of this will bring to. In the meantime stay safe, and realize that even if staying indoors for almost 2 months is really nerve-wracking (because it is) it’s better than having death-tolls flying through the roof.

Coronavirus Italy Update 11/04/2020 3.00 pm

So I’m a bit late with the Coronavirus Italy update, because the news last night was so intense I was in a bit of a shock. It’s mostly internal politics that shook me, and for the good. But I won’t put that in the update as it’s mostly about politics and how Italy’s panorama is at the moment.

The big news comes after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte talked to the National last night postponing the end of the Italian Lockdown on the 3rd of May. This means Easter will be spent indoors (as we already knew) and all of the month of April.

The good news is that we’re seeing a downward trend in the contagion rates in the country, so it’s the final push. After that, we will start to live in what is called Phase 2, in which we will have to understand and be able to live, work, and go on with our lives while the Coronavirus is still in the country. Conte has brought about a team of Economists, Politicians, and Sociologists, to work together and understand how to revolutionize the pre-existing status quo. Hopefully, this will bring about a modernization within Italy that hasn’t been seen before.

Coronavirus Italy Update 01/04/2020 11.00 am

So, this morning I woke up finding out that the Italian Senate has decided to prolong the lockdown in the country. This isn’t really news for us in the country, but I will admit that it does frustrate me a little, as we also have the feeling that this is just a little “bump” that will be prolonged for another 2 weeks.

What I would like to hear is that they tell us today what the actual date will be, rather than having to go week by week, finding out that we’ll be locked in for more time. All of this ranting is because it’s spring outside and Florence in the spring is one of the most beautiful things ever, and we can’t really enjoy it.

Enough ranting, and some good news, so even though the death toll is the highest in the world atm (12428), the contagion rate seems to be going down, so the measures put in place by the government were fruitful. So the question is are we going back to normality in 2 weeks? or are we going to spend all of April inside as well?

Update 17/03/2020 7.00 pm

Another day, another set of data from the Protezione Civile in regards to the Coronavirus in Italy. 31506 total cases in Italy divided into 26062 active cases (+2989 compared to yesterday), 2503 deaths (+345), and 2941 (+192). Scary numbers, scary days. But we can’t really do anything but stay home and hope the containment of the virus works.

But we have some good news, cause the representative of the ISS (Istituto Superiore Sanitario) has announced that the tests for Tocilizumab, the anti-arthritis drug talked about in the last update, has been tested on 330 subjects and from Thursday testing will come into Phase 2. So, we’ll have some news regarding a potential Coronavirus cure.

Update 13/03/2020 7.00 pm

As per usual at 6 pm the Italian Protezione Civile releases numbers and information on the state of Coronavirus in Italy. Between today and yesterday, there have been 11000 new tests, so the numbers are going to some high numbers, so don’t freak.

We’re looking at 17660 cases in total, with 14955 cases that are positive and still being cured. 1266 deaths, but the Protezione Civile specifies that most cases have died with Coronavirus, not because of Coronavirus, with two cases under 40. Keep in mind that both cases recorded serious pre-existing conditions. While the recovered cases are 1439, so the situation isn’t great but we’re looking at exponential growth in recovery.

Also, today the Chinese Red Cross arrived in Italy to help with the Coronavirus spread that is taking place, bringing doctors that worked on the cases in Wuhan and brought with them material that is needed in the Italian hospitals.

Many questions that are being asked have to do with Tocilizumab, which was used in two cases in Naples that had a positive outcome to this anti-arthritis medicine. Obviously, two cases are too little, but the president of ISS Brusaferro confirmed that there will be trials in place during this time. So fingers crossed if this goes well there might be hope for a Coronavirus cure.

Coronavirus Italy Update 12/03/2020 12.00 pm

Hello hello, my fellow readers, it’s day 3 of the Quarantine for me and for the rest of Italy, during this Coronavirus Epi….nope Pandemic. So, what happened now?

Last night Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte during a Live stream on Facebook announced a stronger shutdown of public places, to further slow down contagion. What does this mean? That the idea is the only places that need to stay open are “basic necessities” stores such as supermarkets, pharmacies, and for some reason toy stores and tobacco shops. The last one makes sense as most tobacco shops sell government stamps and a place in which you can pay your bills. Even though they are open they still need to respect the meter distance precaution.

Because of this new decree for the Coronavirus in Italy, you will find cues outside of the supermarket and pretty much any open store. Now, this also means that all restaurants are closed, but worry not cause if you can’t be bothered with cooking they are open only for delivery. So, you can’t go out to get a meal, but you can enjoy some take-away at home.

Update 10/03/2020 7.00 pm

So today the numbers on Coronavirus in Italy are a bit more positive than the last ones we received, there is still an increase in cases. We’re going from a total of 9172 cases yesterday, to 10149 today.

The number is divided into 8514 positive cases, 631 deaths (not ideal), and 1004 recovered. We’re still on the 10% recovery rate, so I’d say it’s a pretty positive start for this “Italian quarantine”.

Update 10/03/2020 12.00 pm

The government just released a list of things you can do during the virtual shutdown for the Coronavirus outbreak in Italy. I’ll translate it below.

coronavirus Italy what is allowed
  • What distance do I need to keep between me and others? at least one meter (just over 3 feet)
  • If I have fever what do I do? If your fever is over 37,5C° (99,5 F°) call your doctor, stay at home and DO NOT GO to the ER. (If your uni didn’t give you a doctor yet, you can call 1500 or based on your region one of these numbers.)
  • Can I visit other towns? Absolutely NOT, except for necessity. (this means your doctor or work)
  • Can I move for medical reason? Yes, always
  • Can I leave the house to go to work? Even if it is in another municipality? Yes, work-related travel is permitted. But it is good to always remember to bring with you the self-certification.
  • I am currently outside of the red/orange areas can I travel back home? Yes, going back to your place of residence is permitted.
  • Who needs to stay at home at all costs? The elderly and people with immunodepression or pre-existing conditions.
  • Will there be mass or other religious functions? No
  • Will cafes, restaurants, and gelaterias stay open? Yes from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm, only if they have their clients respect the meter of distance between them.
  • Medium and Large sales areas? Will be closed on the weekends and Fridays.
  • Pharmacies and Parapharmacies? Will be open as usual
  • Kindergartens, schools, and Universities? Will be closed until the 3rd of April
  • Large scale meetings, conventions, and events? Are off-limits.
  • Pubs, cinemas, theatres, pools, clubs, museums, and libraries? Closed
  • Town center offices? All services will be available online, the most important services will be available in office as well.
  • Can I go to the supermarket? Yes, one person per family may go.
  • Can I go to eat at my relative’s house? It isn’t considered a necessary trip, the logic behind the decree is to limit movement as much as possible, so it is wise to say home and limit the contagion.
  • Can I go for a walk? Yes, in places where there aren’t gathering, and while keeping the meter distance. It’s not forbidden to go out, but gatherings aren’t permitted. (Family members or people that live within the same household are permitted to be together, the idea is to not have everyone be next to each other)
  • Can I go care for my elders that aren’t self-sufficient? This is considered a necessity. But keep in mind that the elderly are the ones that risk the most in this situation, so put all the precautions in line.
  • Can I go into town to do my groceries? Yes, but the supermarkets need to make sure that the people within respect distances and aren’t forming crowds. Also, remember that supermarkets and malls will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Will couriers be circulating? Yes, couriers are allowed to circulate

Now many of these things don’t have to do with you personally if you’re here but do try and respect the decree and enjoy some downtime indoors.

Update 09/03/2020 11.00 pm

Sooooooo….because of the Coronavirus Italy, the country is in a virtual shutdown. I know I’m pretty repetitive by telling you not to freak out, but if you’re in Italy now you can only leave the city your in if you have to work, for medical reasons or to go back home. The idea is that people should only be going out to buy their basic necessities in this period.

Don’t organize any house parties cause that’s gonna be a mad fine on your hands.

As I was saying in prior updates, catch up on some series, read a book, make some music, start that project you were thinking about doing. Cause you definitely have the time to do it now.

But why did they close everything down if the situation isn’t that crazy? Cause they want to make sure that the contagions don’t rise any higher than they already are, and they don’t want to overcrowd the hospitals.

I’m gonna go watch some Netflix now cause that’s all I can go. Happy Corona to all!

Update 09/03/2020 7.00 pm

I’ve just finished listening to the Protezione Civile’s daily update on the Coronavirus Italy. It started. off strong with Regional Affairs Minister Francesco Boccia, closing down all skying areas, because with all of the school’s closed kids were going skying as if they were on vacation.

So what are the numbers? In total there are 9172 cases in Italy as of today. That counts 724 cured patients (+102 more cases compared to yesterday), 466 deaths (+97 cases compared to yesterday, with a median age of 80 years old). The 7985 cases remaining are divided into 4316 cases that are in hospital, but not in intensive care, 733 in intensive care, and 2936 are at home.

The death numbers are definitely scary, but even though they are high you must keep in mind that Italy has a very “old” population. The thing we need to start realizing is how cured patients are more and more every day. In the meantime, I’ll let you know more tomorrow and keep you updated on the Coronavirus Italy outbreak.

Coronavirus Italy Update 09/03/2020 3.00 pm

So the government has passed a new law in which all of Lombardy and 14 provinces in the rest of the country (Asti, Alessandria, Novara, Verbania-Cusio-Ossola, Vercelli in Piemonte. Venezia, Padova, Treviso in Veneto. Modena, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia, Rimini in Emilia Romagna. Pesaro, Urbino in Marche) are now considered “red zones” this can create a bit of panic, but if you are there this only means that most places are going to be closed and that it’s highly recommended that you stay indoors.

Now you must be thinking why do we need to chill if they’re telling us to stay indoors? Because the biggest problem that the country is facing at the moment is a fear of widespread contagion of the Coronavirus in Italia. With the population being very old and the hospitals up north starting to get overcrowded less contagion equals a more relaxed recovery. Now it’s very important that you do your part while here even just to be more relaxed. Also when you go out to grab a coffee or go to the supermarket you need to keep at least 1 meter of distance between you and other people (that’s a little more than 3 feet) to prevent a risk of contagion, but also to make sure the place you love to get coffee at doesn’t shut down.

Original Post from here on

I hope you have a couple of things to watch on Netflix or Prime or whatever streaming platform, cause let’s be honest no one is going to catch up on their reading in these days.

It’s a weird moment, isn’t it? We can’t deny that the whole Coronavirus situation is putting a lot of things into perspective. Forcing us to look at this country in a different way. Forcing us to bind together (keeping at least a meter apart from one another) in this anxious time. Mostly because it’s anxiety and fear of the unknown that is bringing all of us to act the way we are. Yes the virus is a bit scary to me as well, I’m in Italy and I find myself traveling the country quite a lot for work, and every time someone coughs I freak out inside a little bit, but I can imagine that’s the same for most of you that are in countries that are affected by the virus. But what is the Coronavirus Italia situation atm?

coronavirus italia

The Coronavirus in Italy numbers are going up and don’t really show signs of slowing down in the next days, maybe next week, so don’t worry too much. Now what I’m saying is that all the numbers are going up, also those that are cured, we’re looking at 414 cured cases out of 3858, so that’s roughly 10% for now. That’s pretty good. I have left a pic of Protezione Civile’s report that was released for the press last night regarding the Coronavirus Italia outbreak.

It’s also true that you see a high number of deaths, and to be honest 41 of them came out just yesterday. You do have to remember that the median age of the people that died is 81 years old, and in most cases, the people that passed away had serious pre-existing conditions. It still sucks that they died though, so our thoughts go to the families of those who were lost in the Coronavirus in Italy.

Why does Italy have the most Coronavirus cases in my opinion?

Now, how is it that Italy has the highest number in all of the Western world? You’ll see that from the number on the lower far right, the one beneath Tamponi, that aren’t tampons, but tests that were done. Italy is the country in the west that has done the most tests up until now.

As you can imagine, one of the biggest sources of income in Italy is tourism, and the Coronavirus outbreak has been pretty bad on the business. So the governor of Tuscany Enrico Rossi has passed a law that in this time of fear and doubt. The region states that all foreigners that are here as students, as tourists, and as researches won’t need to pay for their medical expenses and will have the same privileges as Italian citizens when it comes to healthcare. You know (and I say this as an American because I am) the standard right to survive if you’re sick.

So, instead of grabbing the first flight from Italy like you want to do, I would probably stay in the country. Free health care compared to high medical costs in a country that is just starting to have a real problem on its hands. Plus I mean unless you live in the south, Italy is starting to get warmer and in the words of the President “the heat generally speaking kills this kind of virus”.



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