One thing many of you want to learn how to do while in Italy is no doubt the ability to cook like an Italian. How can you do that? No problem at all, all you need to do is struggle for years and years, wandering all across Italy, from the highest mountains to the lowest valley as to find the best and freshest ingredients possible and make the most authentic Italian food, or not. You can simply sign up to one of the many cooking schools in Italy this way you can learn to cook in Italy while making some amazing Italian food.

Now you’re wondering how are we going to bicycle day to cooking classes in 2 posts? No worries just enjoy the variety of info we give you and think about how much traditional Italian food you’re going to be able to make once you find the best cooking schools in Italy.

cooking schools in italy

Just in case you were getting some weird ideas that we offer cooking classes, you can get that out of your head, cause we personally don’t, but we do know of all the best places to learn to cook Italian food in Italy, that’s a fact. You can rely on us to find some places to stay while you’re here to learn how to cook Italian food and Italian food recipes. And you can also rely on us for knowing how to eat like an Italian as well.

Now as I was saying we help you find the best accommodation in Italy you could ever imagine in Italy, and maybe you’re thinking about coming to enjoy a cooking classes Italy vacation, in that case, make sure you find something close to your classes with us.

Enough of that let’s start looking for the best place to learn to cook in Italy.

Cooking Schools in Florence

When looking for cooking schools in Florence Italy you have to keep in mind some of the best ones we’re showcasing like Desinare or the Giglio Cooking school, both are amazing places to learn how to make some of the most traditional Tuscan food. Once you’ve learned the secrets you might be able to open up a nice trattoria back home. Why not?

Cooking Schools in Milan

There are a lot of different cooking schools in Milan in which you can learn how to make the best risotto all zafferano ever, or even learn international cuisine. Being that Milan is the biggest melting pot in the country why shouldn’t you learn from some of the best chefs from around the world. A little trivia for you, the best risotto all zafferano was awarded to a Japanese chef in Milan, so who knows maybe you’ll be next.

Cooking Schools in Rome

The home of Cacio and Pepe, the Amatriciana, the Carbonara. What other places in the world could you ever learn how to make these amazing plates? Well I know for sure that you can learn them in the cooking schools in Rome Italy we have on offer. Don’t say we didn’t warn you when all your friends are going to come over to your place for dinner on the regular after one of these courses.

Cookins Schools in Bologna

What else do you need other than to find some cooking schools in Bologna? I mean everyone loves a Bolognese, and if you’re vegetarian I’m sure you love homemade pasta. Bologna is the place that in the hearts of many Italians is considered to be the best in home cooking. Now you can prove that to all your friends back home.

Cooking Schools in Genoa

Everyone loves the Cinque Terre, but if the weather isn’t on your side you’ll need something to do in the meantime. You can sign up to a cooking school in Genoa and stay warm while learning how to make a great pesto. That’s gonna be a meal you’ll never forget.

Cooking Schools in Perugia

Maybe you know, maybe you don’t but Perugia is CHOCOLATE CENTRAL in Italy – sorry I got a bit excited there. Anyway, you can join two great cooking schools near Perugia that now only teach you how to make some of the best fresh pasta in the world, but also gets you on a tour to visit one of the best chocolate factories in town.

Cooking Schools in Pisa

I mean yeah I talk a lot about Florence and all, but you can’t be in Tuscany without visiting Pisa, and maybe you want to learn some of the differences between Florentine and Pisa food. How could you ever do that? I wonder…I know, join a cooking school in Pisa and compare that to something like the good tastes of Tuscany cooking school in Florence Italy.

Cooking Class in Siena

What are we going to promote two Tuscan cities and leave one of the most important ones out? I mean Siena has one of the most beautiful Duomo in all of Italy, and guess what some of the best cooking as well. So when you’re looking for a cooking class in Siena, look no further we got all you need.

Cooking Schools in Padua

A beautiful little town that is often forgotten by the major tourist routes, you can’t leave Padua behind if you’re on the search of the best Italian food. So when you’re looking for cooking schools in Padua, you’ve got all you need right on our website.

Cooking Schools of Cagliari

Well how were we going to leave out the capital of Sardinia, how could we forget one of the most diverse cuisines in Italy. You’ll learn how to make some amazing eel dishes, vegetable dishes and so much more in the cooking schools of Cagliari. We warned you it’s really good.

Cooking Schools in Naples

How are you going to know the differences about north Italian food and south if you don’t learn how to cook in Naples? I mean sure you can learn at some cooking schools in Sorrento Italy, but when you’re thinking about top cooking schools in Italy you have to keep Naples in mind. Learn how to make some classic pizzas, or any other traditional Neapolitan dishes when you’re visiting these great cooking schools in Naples. But don’t tell your friends they’ll want free lessons from you after they find out. lol.

Cooking Schools in Venice

Professional cooking schools in Italy are something Venice is quite proud about, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find any other type of cooking school in Venice that will cater to your needs. We’ve got the selection you want right on the website, so pick and choose until you find what is best for you.

What is the main meal in Italy?

This really depends on the region you’re in, but I’d say from experience it’s pasta. You probably thought that as well, but keep in mind that Pasta is actually just the support to the sauce that is made by the cook in question. If you want to think like an Italian while at the stove, you need to start to see pasta as a “condiment” to the sauce you’re making.

What are authentic Italian dishes?

The country isn’t that big, but the country has a variety of cuisines that make this question very hard to answer. The only thing I can say for certain is that authentic Italian dishes are made from seasonal ingredients.

What are the cooking methods in Italy?

All the easy questions right for the last part of the post I see. Again it’s hard to say what are Italian cooking methods, because of how vast the cooking palette is. Don’t fret though, because you’ll find out if you visit more than one cooking school.

What Italian food is best?

I am not answering that. It’s too risky, Italians are very uptight about their food. I could say it’s a carbonara and all the Milanese would go “nooooo”. I can say it’s a Bistecca all Fiorentina and all the Sicilians would come and look for me. Every region has its own unique dish that is amazing.

What are different cooking techniques used in Italy?

This is very similar to the other question you asked, but what can I can it’s a bit of a hard thing to say. But one thing I can let you know is what are the best dishes all around Italy in this little guide of Italian food cataloged by region.

How do you say to cook in Italy?

To cook in Italy is “cucinare”. I want to cook is ” io voglio cucinare”.


  1. […] One of the biggest stereotypes is how Italians only eat pasta, and you know what they do eat a lot of it ( read more about the italian phrases to use at restaurant). The thing is, that pasta is more like bread here, so if you’re eating a lot of sandwiches you’re not always getting the same fillings I imagine ( interested in italian food region by region?). It’s the same with pasta here, a true Italian knows a different sauce for every day of the month, at least they’re eating something different every day. But always with pasta. Now I know you’re thinking about Nonnas’ sauce, and you know what that is something that is the epitome of Italian cuisine, that’s why Italy has the best cuisine ever, cause every Nonna has a special sauce and there are a lot of Nonnas in the country, making it unofficially the country with most people that have amazing sauces ( want to learn italian cooking?). […]


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