As a student who’s already been in Florence for two years, I pretty much have lists for everything. Since last week I went through the topic “Coffee culture in Florence”, this week I want to start with my favorite coffee shops.

coffee florence

The best thing about living in Florence is that Florence is not only a historical city but also a tourist city, here, you can always find local Italian shops in ancient buildings that give off such a romantic atmosphere. 

Besides that, as a city with a huge amount of foreign tourists, students, and immigrants, Florence has a lot of different types of shops with different cultures.

In this article, my favorite places to have a coffee, I would go from a local one to an “American one”.

Now before you go on, I’m just gonna redirect you to some other coffee-related posts we wrote, like our 10 steps to make espresso at home post, or our list of different Italian coffees you can order at a bar. And why not read up on Coffee Culture in general?.

Now finish this post and then click on the rest.

  • Il Fiore del Caffè
coffe shops florence

Before I knew the real name of this cafè I called it “grandmas’ blue cafè”. Because it’s owned by a grandma and a grandpa, they are the only two people who work there and they’re always nice to people.

In Il Fiore del Caffè, they have coffee, salads, panini, and the best homemade pasta. The grandma cooks pasta at home every morning and brings it to shop, so it’s basically like an adventure, a coffee shop adventure. You never know what kind of pasta they have today, but whatever they have it’s always tasty!

  • Rivarno Cafè

Being aside of Ponte alle Grazie, Rivarno has own the best views. Also because it is near my college, I always go there to spend some time before class starts. As a cafè near college, staffs working in Rivarno all speak English perfectly and they have a special discount for students as well. They also have iced latte on their menu, which worth a try!

For the food, I would recommend you to try their pumpkin soup, salty pies, and beef panini!

  • Le Vespe Cafè

My favorite place for brunch is definitely Le Vespe Cafè. Because I personally prefer to have iced latte with lunch, which is not ok for most Italian restaurants. But as an American style coffee shop in Florence, I can have it!

coffee shops in florence

And they also have different types of dishes served on a huge plate, having brunch there at the weekend can always cheer my week up!

coffee shops


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