Once you put your foot in Milan, you can’t suppress the need to spend and shop. It’s. Just. Everywhere ( read our Milan Shopping guide).

Where to shop in Milan cheap? Looking for best value shopping in Milan Italy? Read the article.

You’re gonna get the shopping bug in no time, especially once you see the best shopping deals in Milan. But if you’re in the country on a budget you know you can’t get away with spending all your money on day 1. You’re going to have to know your way around the consumer madness and buy a variety of objects on the cheap. The only way left to stick it up to the Consumer-Centric society (lol got quite political). So how are we starting the revolution you say?

By finding cheap shopping in Milan ( interested in Vintage Shops in Milan?). Spending less while helping others is going to be one of the main focuses, but it’s not only thrift stores, so don’t worry you’ll find a huge amount of locations to find deals for your cheap shopping in Milan experience. Here a list of thrift store shopping in Milan.

cheap shopping in Milan

A Milan Italy guide of sorts, in which you’ll find the best locations to spend little and get your hands on some of the most unique finds ( interested in best vintage shops in Milan?). You never thought that you could find yourself Shopping in Milan Italy cheap, I know, me neither, but a big city is full of surprises (I’m sure someone said that before).

Best places to shop cheap in Milan

So the question now is where to shop in Milan cheap? A good question indeed, even though it’s not grammatically correct (jokes, internet searches are on a whole other level now aren’t they). Anyway, without further ado let’s see where is all the cheap shopping in Milan.

Shopping in Milan Italy Cheap: the complete guide

Cheap Commercial Streets

Corso Buenos Aires

Let me start off with Corso Buenos Aires, not far from the station, this is one of the main commercial streets in Milan. You’ll find all of the fast-fashion retailers like H&M and Zara, and you’ll also find Italian counterparts to it. Another great thing is how many shops you’ll find down this Corso. Keep in mind that Sales a going on at the moment, so it’s probably a good moment to visit this part of the city. Plus all of the Italian products you’ll find here are going to be the best souvenirs to bring back home for friends, and family. Or why not even for yourself.

Via Torino

The other main commercial street in Milan is: Via Torino, this street brings you from the Duomo to the Colonne di San Lorenzo. You’ll be in a very similar situation as in Corso Buenos Aires, with a myriad of commercial shops, plus there’s a huge Muji store, that even though it’s not really on the cheap spectrum it’s always nice to visit. In Via Torino, you’ll also find some amazing Italian products, and in this period they’ll be cheaper than usual, so run down Via Torino to bring back all the best Italian pieces you can get your hands on.

Charity Shops

Humana Vintage, Via Edmondo de Amicis 43 & Via Cappellari 3

Humana Vintage is an NGO that makes the majority of its money from reselling vintage clothing, so you’ve got cheap clothes, nice clothes, and all of that while funding a good cause. They use the profits they make to fund education, HIV prevention, and child support in developing countries. So, what are you waiting for?

Share, Via Padova 36

The main difference between the last charity shop and Share, is the fact that Share is under an Italian NGO, and not an international one. They tend to help more local causes and are very motivated by green causes. So if you’re a leaning more towards the eco problems of our society, this place is for you.

Thrift Shops

Mercatino Penelope, Via Macedonio Melloni 6

If you’re not just thinking about buying clothes, but you want some statement pieces for your apartment this Thrift store has a great deal of those for you to pick from. Keep in mind that if you’re gonna buy something too heavy than probably your cheap buy is going to be a hassle, cause you’re gonna need some help to bring it back, that is unless you ask them to ship it.

In & Out, Via Palmieri 46

Now if you want to go a bit further out, you’ll find In and Out, and no it’s not that In & Out. This is a huge, and I mean HUGE, second-hand shop, they sell everything from clothes, to dressers, to TVs, to kitchens,  and kids toys. It’s all second hand and you never know what you’ll be able to find.

Flea Markets

Fiera di Sinigallia, Alzaia del Naviglio Grande

If you’re already in Milan, you’ve probably stumble upon the Fiera di Sinigallia. It takes place every Saturday on the Naviglio Grande. The whole street is packed with vintage clothes stands, vinyls, antiques, and all at a fair price. Plus it’s a market you can haggle a bit.

Opportunity Shop, Viale Edoardo Jenner 12A

This flea market isn’t too far from the Milano Garibaldi station, and in here you’ll find so many steals that I’m not even going to tell you about, you just need to get your ass there and try it for yourself. You’ll be able to find books for a dollar, jackets that seem like they’re straight out of the factory for 20. Worst comes to worst if you don’t find anything you can go to Monumentale, and check out some Milanese Tombs.

Baddarò, Piazza San Materno 10

A Flea market that is also a charity shop, you’ll find some great deals, plus you’ll help fund an NGO that works with bringing back into society, people that suffer from mental health issues. So, good prices, and a good cause. 

Cheap Outlets in Milan

DMAG Outlet

Dmag is a chain of outlets that has a variety of locations all around Milan, you’ll find a huge collection of discounted designer clothes, shoes, and accessories, this way you can really show off that Milanese Glamour.

Scalo Outlet – Locate Triulzi

This one is my personal favorite, cause it’s the only outlet that sells sneakers in my size, I have the big feet and stores in the center don’t pack shoes for me. Anyway to get to Locate Triulzi just get on the S-13 and it’s like 30 mins. It costs more than the normal metro, cause it’s officially out Zone-1. But it won’t set you back more than 4 euro.

The Highline Outlet, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 30

I put it all the way on the bottom, cause if I didn’t you would’ve just read the first one and I couldn’t have you leave me like this. Anyway, it’s the one most central of all, the Highline Outlet is between Duomo and San Babila, so you’re bound to pass it many a time while in Milan.


Is shopping in Milan cheap?

Shopping in Milan can be cheap, it’s not the norm though. But, if you check out the places I just talked about you can find that even Milan can be cheap.

Is Milan good for shopping?

Milan is too good for shopping, that’s why you need to find all the cheap spots to spend cash in, cause if you don’t you’ll go bankrupt.

What should I buy in Milan?

Personally, I would say clothes, it’s one of the worlds fashion capitals, plus they’re easier to bring home than furniture.

Are clothes cheap in Italy?

Clothes can be cheap in Italy, you’ll probably find better quality for a low price at vintage shops, rather than if you go to a fast-fashion retailer.

Milano shopping street map



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