Italy is known as the best country for fashion. While Shopping in Florence, you can always find luxury products and high quality dresses, but as students shopping in Florence Italy, we usually don’t have too much money to spend on clothes so we might need to go cheap shopping in Florence. That’s why you might want to know where to shop in Florence for cheap.

Today, I would like to introduce cheap clothing stores in Florence Italy, shops in Florence which is ‘tutto 10 euro’. That means ‘All for 10 euro’ in Italian. Now let’s look at where to go shopping in Florence on a budget.

The best shops in Florence are in the center, you can find some shops with the ‘tutto 10 euro’ sign outside, the price might make you think twice about the quality, but think about it in from another angle, even if you don’t find anything of interest in store, you won’t spend anything! So why not give it a try?

Outlet shopping in Florence Italy always has a lot of different styles of dresses, shirts and pants, accessories and maybe bags if you’re lucky enough. In tutto 10 euro shops, what I usually do is I’ll walk around inside first, check if the integral style of the shop suits me and after picking some items, I’ll check their quality, some of them might have some defects, so make sure to check them out thoroughly. If I like the style, the size is right and I can’t find any defects, I will just go to the fitting room and try it on!

One of the amazing things of cheap clothing stores in Florence Italy is that they sell at low prices but they also have fitting rooms! In this way you don’t have to worry about regretting your buy later.

From clothes shops in florence you might want to see some examples of the dresses, so here are pictures of my selections.

So, after all, if you are looking for new outfits, if you don’t want to spend too much on dressing, tutto 10 euro cheap shopping in florence is a good option to consider! Go and give it a try!


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