What are the best places to visit Italy? That is a very hard question as the country is so diverse, that every part of it is amazing so you can’t really think I’m going to pin one down for you, it’s just beautiful at 360°. So, because of this I’m gonna go on a tirade answering all the question the web is asking on Italy, this can give you a better understanding of what you want to see and this way you can understand what is the best time to visit Italy and the best places to visit Italy based on your personal taste.

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Where to visit in Italy? 

As I said in the intro, this depends on what you want to see, in the north, there are some amazing locations to visit that will leave you in awe, further down you go and you’ll find the same exact reaction. Let’s keep on going to understand a bit more so you can pick your top cities in Italy to visit.

Best places to travel in Italy

Depending on what you’re traveling by this is a pretty tricky question, cause train is always a good bet in Italy, they might be late sometimes, but they can get you pretty much everywhere. But if you want to see some of the natural beauties of the country you’ll have to go by car, let’s take something like the Lago di Bryce, it’s in the middle of the mountains and it’s so beautiful that you’ll never want to leave it. There aren’t any trains that get you there, but this doesn’t mean you should cross it off. Just find a car rental in Italy and go on an adventure.

What is the most visited place in Italy?

Officially the most visited place in Italy is the Colosseum, I mean that’s pretty much the most recognizable Italian symbol with the tower of Pisa. So, yeah my advice would be the best time to visit Rome ( read more about Rome weather) is in a lower touristy season, that’s usually the winter months, but keep in mind that the Colosseum is always packed.

What is the most beautiful place in Italy?

This is extremely subjective. Some of the best places for me are totally different from the best places for you. You can’t really think that I’m going to tell you what it is, I’ll tell you what I think is the most beautiful place (thus telling you what is the most beautiful place in Italy). For me it’s the Tuscan countryside, but not just the Chianti region, the whole of it going from the Chianti to the Senese Hills, all the way to the Maremma. You get to see such diverse landscapes that you’ll fall in love with and never forget.

Where can I relax in Italy?

The whole country is made to relax, from just sitting for a caffè with a friend and having a chat, to the mesmerizing locations in the mountains and countryside that’ll get you thinking about never going back to civilization. And how can we forget about the amazing beaches that you can visit if that’s the way you like to relax.

What is the best city in Italy?

Dear Internet,

Could you stop asking these uber subjective questions?

Anyway let’s throw objectivity out of the window for this one, the best city in Italy is all of the cities. Super Diplomatic Chris. So, when you’re thinking about the best cities to visit in Italy you’ve got to go to all of them. Also, because we have nice apartments in Italy in all of them.

How do you get around Italy?

Italy is pretty much all connected by train, you’ll have problems on the eastern side, as the rail system hasn’t been updated, and further south of Salerno, but you’ll find your way around pretty easy. Especially down south, you can pop on some traghetti to visit a variety of Islands. But keep in mind that if you’re searching for some hidden gems, you need to rent a car.

How expensive is Italy?

Italy can be expensive in the cities, but living costs plummet once you visit the outskirts, but in relation to other main European countries it isn’t that expensive. You can get by spending 5 euro for a decent lunch in some places in the city as well, that isn’t a full course meal obvs, but if you’re budgeting Italy is a place that helps out in that ( read more about cost of living in Italy)

How do you tip in Italy?

You tend not to tip in Italy, Italy already charges you a coperto that is a cover charge, but if the service was amazing, do tip as you would back home, cause it’s really appreciated, it’s the only way to show your waiter that you enjoyed the experience. A lot of people wonder Is it rude to tip in Italy? Not at all, as I stated above and if you’re wondering “Do waiters prefer cash tips?” Very much so, as you can’t tip by card in many places, like you could in other countries. Don’t worry people like cash here, so if you like the meal and the service what better way to let them know.

How do I plan a trip to Italy?

Well, that is a good question, defo start off by looking at what you really want to see. Do you want to go on a mad full Italian road trip, do you want to visit a particular region in-depth, do you just want to see the main cities, or do you want to just visit one city and the outskirts? Once you decided, a good website to use is Rome2Rio, I use it all the time when I’m traveling in other countries. It calculates the costs and shows you the various means of transport that can get you where you want. After that, you know where you’re going come give us a visit on studentsville.it and find an apartment to stay in. 

What is the best time of year to visit Italy?

The best time to visit Italy I believe is right before the summer and right after, cause the country gets pretty hot. As you can tell it’s July and I’m in Milan now and I’m boiling hot, it’s maddening. So defo September in Italy is a great time, but also the beginning of October is beautiful.

What should you bring to Italy?

mmmmmm it depends, Italy is a country that has very harsh seasons, the winters are COLD and the summers are HOT. So make sure you think about both situations before you pack. Check the forecasts as usual and then decide. But one thing that you should always bring to Italy is your most extravagant clothes, cause you know you’re coming to a fashionable country.

What is the cheapest time of year to fly to Italy?

Based off of intense research I did for you all, the cheapest time to fly to Italy is November. It gets a bit chilly in November, but if you’re lucky enough to catch some snow, you get to see the best monuments in the world covered in snow, and that is a plus right there.

What is the best way to see Italy?

Personally with your eyes (bam and that’s how we lose all of our readers). Dad jokes aside, by train in my opinion.

What should I wear in Italy?

I love how repetitive the internet can get, but hey this is the most asked questions. You should wear whatever you want in Italy, it’s one of the main countries for fashion, so go on a mad one and show Italians that you know how to be a real fashionable tourist/student.

How much is a trip to Italy?

Depending on the season, and where you’re traveling from. If you’re in the states the range is around 500 dollars, if you’re in Europe it’s drastically less like maybe we’re looking at 50 euro to 150 euro.

What can you see in Italy in 7 days?

7 days is pretty tight, I personally think you should have a base city from which you go on day trips. Let’s say you stay in Florence, go to the beach one day, visit the 5 Terre for another day, visit the Chianti region, and another day to visit Siena, and have 3 days to walk around Florence. At least you won’t stress out too much, and you’ll get to live the culture as well as just sightseeing it ( interested in best places to visit in southern Italy?)

Which is better Amalfi Coast or Cinque Terre?

Personally, I think the Amalfi Coast, but it’s a really close call. I mean my family is from the south so that’s the main reason I probably like it more. I say you should visit them both, and let us know what your opinion is on the matter ( discover Cinque Terre day trip from Florence).

How many days should I vacation in Italy?

I’m gonna flip this last question and ask you how many days can you vacation for? Cause Italy isn’t a huge country, but it has a lot of things to see and experience.



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