So, Covid and all meant that any vacation plans that me and my gf had we’re thrown out of the window. We had to go to Japan, but no shit Sherlock the flights got cancelled, so we decided that is was time to explore some of Italy the good old fashion way, road tripping. We started our journey from Florence, cause that’s were we’ve been for the past lockdown and really didn’t have to move anywhere since, and headed down to Rome, the eternal city.

Rooooma as one would say, last time I was in the capital was at least 15 years ago, so it was real nice to visit some of the historical landmarks that are in everyone’s heart. We arrived before lunch so we could enjoy an amazing Roman pasta, and oooooh boy was it worth it. We ate at Osteria Coppelle in Piazza Coppelle a 15 min walk from Vatican City. Not only was the pasta good, but also the small appetizers were to die for.

Once the lunch was over we decided to go for a nice Roman stroll all the way to the Colosseum, and there are so many stops in the middle that it’s going to be hard to tell you about them in the right order, but I’ll try: the Pantheon, Montecitorio, Adrians Temple, The Church of Saint Loyola, Piazza Venezia, The Altar of the Fatherland, The Campidoglio, the Marmentine jails, and the Roman Fori.

You see all of this while going on a 30 min walk, obvs longer when you stop, take pictures and visit everything.

Now we finally arrived at the Colosseum and it was time to get our tickets, and this is where stuff gets a little complicated, cause you can’t buy tickets on site for COVID prevention, you need to buy them online, and guess what? The website wasn’t working yaaaaaaaay. Luckily we found a way through by going on and for some reason it would work there.

Tickets go from 9.50€ (the A.R.T. Ticket that can be only used from 2.30 pm to closing time, and it’s valid for both the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Palatino Hill. Keep in mind that you need to visit all spots in the same afternoon) to 16.50€ (the 24h ticket that is valid for one entry to the Colosseum and one entry to the Foro/Palatino within 24h from the first entrance).

We got the 24h ticket cause once we arrived at the Colosseum we wouldn’t have enough time to visit both locations, so after an amazing dinner at Teo’s in Trastevere we went to bed and got ready to go on our Foro expedition.

After visiting the Foro and the Palatino Hill we had tickets for the Vatican Museum, I’ve been a lot of times, but I have to say it’s always a pleasure. All of the museum is worth visiting, even though I understand that many just go for the Sistine Chapel, if you get a chance to spend some more time go and get lost in it for a bit. It’s worth it!

Now obviously our road trip doesn’t end in the Vatican Museum and Rome, cause it would only be a weekend, so keep checking out the blog to see where and what we saw next.


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