As I promised in the last road trip post, I was going to give you a sort of directory regarding my Italian road trip, so you don’t have to go crazy looking for the posts on the blog. So, let’s recap a second before giving you the list of locations and links.

Started off in Florence, ended in Florence, with a little detour going through Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Amalfi Coast, Paestum, Pollino, Matera, Puglia, and Tivoli. You know a little detour nothing massive, not like 2780 km (1730 miles ca.). I joke even though it was mad lengthy it was worth every stop.

If you just showed up on our blog you’re probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about, and lucky you cause you’re not going to go through waiting for the next chapter in the road trip series,  cause they’re all below and linked.

We start the Italian road trip in:


foro romano roma
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We started our Italian road trip in the Eternal city. I mean what’re you going to go down south and just skip the capitol, the capitol of carbonara and amatriciana. Eating and drinking surrounded by art, history, and culture. Worth every moment passed there. One thing I wouldn’t suggest is the electric scooters cause the city has lots of little rocks and once you finish your ride you feel like you’ve just put your brain in a blender.


italian road trip naples
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There are few cities that still have that Italian charm stuck to them. Naples is one of them, now the city has a special part in my heart as part of my family lives there. But nothing beats seeing the Gulf of Naples from Mergellina, and this is something that everyone can agree on. Plus, can you really go on an Italian road trip, and skip Naples?

Pompeii, Amalfi and Paestum

italian road trip
AAAAAh Pompeian wineyards, they say you’ll read the post on the city if you give em a click

After enjoying a full week of eating non-stop between Naples and Rome, it was time to burn some of those calories and with did so with culture. Walking around Pompeii for a full day, literally almost the full day walking around. After we moved ourselves to Vietri Sul Mare on the Amalfi coast and enjoyed the hilly towns of Positano and Amalfi, and finally visited the Greek temples of Paestum.

Pollino and Matera

Amazing views, now read the article

After finishing the Campania escaped (Campania is the region where you’ve got Naples and the Amalfi coast), it was time to move into another region: Basilicata. Here we enjoyed the company of one of our friends from back home discovering the Pollino Natural Reserve, and we visited the ancient city of Matera. It was pretty mad. I mean Basilicata in general is pretty mad.


You’ve got to click on this canyon like pic to see all the beauty this region offers

After the Basilicata trip, we went to enjoy some of the best beaches in Italy. Down in Puglia, we stopped in so many places that you need to go through the article to find out more. It was pretty much its own Italian road trip. Between the Salento area, the Val d’Itria, the Terre di Bari and the Tavoliere della Puglia. These are just the areas, the towns we visited are so many. So, instead of looking at this little paragraph go on and read up about it

And we end our Italian road trip in:


villa adriana tivoli
Wait, so you don’t want to see more Villa pictures? so defo don’t click on this image

Last stop: Tivoli. Outside of Rome cause, we wanted to enjoy the last carbonara before going back to Florence. There are few things that beat a carbonara in life. So we needed more of it. Don’t worry there is a lot to see in Tivoli, like Villa d’Este, Villa Adriana, Villa Gregoriana. Yep lots of Villas, but also a very lively medieval town.

So, those are all the stops on our Italian road trip, now if you’re wondering how much time it took to do all of that. It was around 3 weeks and a half. Pretty long, but we saw half of Italy in those days. Now all you have to do is go through the posts and write down all the places you need to visit once you’re able to come back. Plus who knows maybe you’ll also find a place to stay while away through our own rental platform!



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