One of Rome’s most notorious “Rioni” (aka neighborhoods), Trastevere is a must to visit and enjoy a part of Rome you’ll only get in this little slice of the city. An extremely rich history goes into the founding of Trastevere, once in the hands of the Etruscans it was during the Regal Period of Rome, that the Romans decided to cross the Tiber and control both sides of the river, ensuring a proper defense in the future. This though didn’t bring about investment in the area by part of the city, thus slowly became an area that would be inhabited by immigrants of the eastern territories (oh golly me immigration was always around). It was not until Augustus became Emperor, that Trastevere was considered part of Rome and acquired its Latin name Trans Tiberim.

The area itself was considered one of Rome’s first Jewish communities and this gave the area it’s own identity, because of the cross-cultural upbringing it gave to the people that lived there. Also, the area has a beautiful mix of opulent Roman Villas and working-class establishments, all aspects that make this area a unique place to find a place to live in for your studies.

Another important fact about Trastevere is the amount of International Universities in the area: The American University of Rome and John Cabot University (both of which are private American universities), the American Academy in Rome, the Rome Campus of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, the Canadian University of Waterloo School of Architecture (between the months of September and December), and the American Pratt Institute School of Architecture just to name a few, and in the years past and present, some of the most influential artists from Italy came and grew up in this district of the Eternal City. Musician/Composer Ennio Morricone went to a private school in the Trastevere area found himself for a year in a class with another luminary of Italian Cinema: Sergio Leone. The latter lived in Trastevere and we can see a fair amount of interest in multiculturalism in his pieces of art.

Now in these days, Trastevere is quite the hipster place and sometimes that’s what people like right? I mean who wouldn’t want to grab a beer at the microbrewery after they finished a course on their way back to their apartment? Or maybe get that ink you’ve been telling everyone at home you were gonna get on this study trip. Beards and Bikes. Boards and Beer. Warmth and Exuberance. a mix of old and new that makes this Rione a unique and idyllic district in the eternal city. This is Trastevere today and you might want to be right there when you book your apartment.


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