What are the best destination wedding locations in Europe?

It’s not a mirage. Are you ready to daydream? A real vacation with your one-and-only, and family and friends of your choice. Gorgeous surroundings. Exchanging vows in an olive grove, on a beach, or on board a Venetian gondola. France is good, Spain is exciting, Greece is awesome. But there never was, and never will be, anything as special as a destination wedding in Italy.

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How much does a destination wedding in Italy cost?

Times change, people get married later on in life and the adventure-loving millennials create new trends. Starting with weddings. The how, and where, people are tying the knot has radically changed, and destination weddings are the latest thing. Compared to other European countries, Italy offers a unique scenario and at affordable prices. Most of all if we speak about renting a villa and offering free accommodations to your guests – in Italy you can.

What is a destination wedding location?

As an Italian event and wedding planner I’ve often been asked what a destination wedding location actually is. And I’ve had to explain the details, pros and cons of a destination wedding in Italy to baffled couples and concerned brides’ daddies!

Conventionally, a destination wedding is a celebration held away from the couple’s hometown which requires travel for those involved. Very often destination wedding locations chosen are alluring foreign countries. Hence the allure of Italy, one of the world’s most romantic countries.

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Why choose a destination wedding in Italy?

There are a good many pros to choosing a destination wedding, but the first and paramount is all in that very verb: choose. A destination wedding Italy gives you and your fiancé the opportunity to choose every single detail. And actually make it your day, the most wonderful one of your life.

Why Italian destination weddings are unique

Each destination wedding is, by definition, one-of-a-kind.
It is unique to yourself and the love of your life. It is all about you.
Think about what you love, what makes you happy, what you think of as “fun”.

What your Italian destination wedding options are

Single out your preferences and take your pick! Make it meaningful.
As bride&groom-to-be you get to choose the location. Selecting the best destination wedding location in Italy means picking the one that appeals most to you and your beloved. No other preferences involved. Dream ahead. And book!

The Number of Guests

This is quite important: the number of guests. Just the two of you? Close family and special friends only? Or a big extravagant bash? It’s entirely up to you. And, no, you are not expected to pay for guests’ flights and hotel rooms!

The Agenda

Destination wedding etiquette calls for a lot less protocol than standard at home weddings. Lose the place cards, calligraphy, expensive invitations and tux. Shake off the stilettos, wear sandals.

The Budget

The idea that destination weddings imply lavish galas is a myth. Many an alarmed bride-to-be has asked how much does a destination wedding cost? Are Italian destination weddings cheaper? Again, it’s up to you to pick the location, style and agenda. And, again, destination wedding etiquette is not binding. So once and for all Yes! Your destination wedding can easily be more cost-effective than a hometown one. Because: your guest list will go down, so you’ll save up. Or be able to spend more per person and give everyone a ball, selecting a gorgeous location with a stunning backdrop allows you to save on the décor and set-up

The Menu

Details are all up to you, no strings attached. So, depending on where you wed and what you like, you can go for the more budget-friendly eating options. Need an example? Switch from lobster to shrimps – you’ll find good ones in Liguria, Tuscany, Campania and Sicily. Swap champagne for Prosecco in Veneto and Friuli or Franciacorta Brut in Lombardy.

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Italian Destination weddings include frosting on the cake

No matter what location you pick, how many guests you have and what kind of bash you choose to throw. You may never have thought this out but, regardless of where they are hosted, destination weddings always come with a perk: vacation included! Because, once you’ve budgeted the flights and overnights in, you’ll certainly decide to go a few days early, and/or stay a few extra nights. The same will be true for your friends and family … didn’t mom always want to see Rome, Venice, Florence or Siena?
Treat yourself and those you love to the frosting on the wedding cake!

6 Reasons Why you can Definitely opt for an Destination Wedding Italy

Breathtaking art, luscious cuisine and divine wines. An amiable climate and genial locals. Glorious sunsets. Leading-edge fashion in the cities, and innate old-world charm in the smaller towns.

01) Italy has it all

Whatever the season, whichever your preferences il bel paese is at once the most enchanting and quintessential of all destination wedding locations. Because no other country in the world offers couples such a vast selection of alternatives.

02) Breathtaking settings

From the peaches-and-cream Amalfi Coast villages to Rome’s cupolas, Milan’s hip skyscrapers and the snow-crowned Dolomites. Not to mention Venice’s legendary atmosphere, and glamorous Capri. A destination wedding in Italy allows you to choose from a polychrome medley of diverse and dazzling landscapes.

03) Fascinating destination wedding venues

Marble-paved churches, farmhouses immersed in golden meadows, white-washed beachfront cottages. Renaissance palaces, the Venice Grand Canal and “a room with a view” in Florence.

04) Italian Inspiration

In addition to the many self-evident assets such as the view, innate warmth, local gastronomic staples and Prosecco, Italy implies extra inspiration, artistry and flair. Looking for not-you-usual-wedding options? Hosting a smaller party or need cost-effective solutions? No problem, once again Italy has it all!

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05) Creative cost-effective solutions

It’s in the Italians’ DNA: we cherish families, delight in weddings, and love a party. So, everyone is going to help! Going for a destination wedding in Italy means imaginative solutions and inventive opportunities. For instance, a choice of small destination wedding budget options and even out-of-the-ordinary, and fun, destination wedding favors.

06) Small destination wedding ideas and destination wedding budget options

Take your pick among less-renowned Italian locations, just as lovely, not as crowded and not half as expensive. Such as Apulia and Calabria in the Southern part of Italy, for example. You’ll find budget-friendly country mansions, white-washed villages, pristine beaches and gourmet seafood. And, if you choose a hotel property, you will probably get free floral dec “compliments of the manager”. Or consider the pretty small towns in Val D’Aosta and Veneto, famous for their warm hospitality, mouth-watering specialties and rich wines.

Choose Florence amongst the contemporary destination wedding Italy

Thinking about something more groovy? An Italian art city, Florence for instance? Larger and sought-after Italian cities can be expensive, and often the only way you can get good deals is a destination wedding package, but… I’m not a big fan of package deals. Don’t squander a fortune on a 4-star hotel, skip the clichès and drop the rose-centrepiece.

Florence is the birthplace of Gucci, Ferragamo, Botticelli and Donatello, be inspired and inventive!

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Florence: stay in city center apartments

Book Florence city center apartments for yourself, your friends and family. You’ll have all the sights walking distance, and everyone will enjoy having their own space and their own pace. Saving on accommodation means you can invest in having, and giving everyone, a better overall experience. Renting an apartment in Florence allows for 100% privacy and comfort, not to mention sanitation. Plus, you can upgrade everyone’s stay with destination wedding favors and gifts, and/or getting staff and personal chefs.

Florence Wedding: lost your party in an informal venue

Be cost-effective, have fun and surprise your guests choosing an unconventional informal venue. Take my word: everyone will be more relaxed, and enjoy it much more! My favorite ideas? An agriturismo, the typical Italian holiday farm nestled in the hills, or among vineyards and fields. You’ll get a beautiful setting, al fresco dining, and superb food at a reasonable price.



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