How is the Weather in Milan?

After giving you a report on when are the best times to go to Rome, we thought why not do this with Milan weather as well — don’t worry we’ll be talking about Florence in another chapter soon.

So Milan weather, being is all the way up north, not at the tippy top, but still you can imagine that northern Italy weather isn’t gonna be as warm as what you’ve felt in Rome, but don’t despair the summers are as suffocating as they are everywhere except the beach in this country (wooooooop woooooooop). We’re gonna do just as last time and give you a quick rundown based on the seasons, a quick weather forecast Milan (so quick, I forgot to put the “in” in). So here we go on a weather in Milan seasonal check.

The Weather in Milan in?


Cause it’s always a good idea to follow a format as to bring about brand continuity, we’re gonna follow the same steps starting in the summer. As every city humidity in Milan is a killer in the summer, I mean it’s a metropolis and nothing is as humid as a nice big metropolis in the summer. So hopefully you’re not taking an extremely formal course where you’ll have to wear a suit in the summer, cause you’ll be regretting it. But keep in mind that the weather in Milan in the summer is also a great time to go visit the lakes that surround it, so don’t despair.

milan weather

The Weather in Milan in?


As per usual in Italy, once the heatwave dies down you can breath and enjoy a nice breeze, without having to cover up too much. That is until the weather in November kicks in, cause there you’ll start getting the first chills. So keep in mind that you’ll be able to walk about with a light jacket, but just in case bring something heavy as well cause you’ll be hitting a 5°C low. Also, don’t forget that you’ll need an umbrella cause oooooh boy does it rain.

The Weather in Milan in?


Nothing like the crisp weather of a winters day. NO. I mean maybe yes if you’re into it (I’m definitely not one for the cold as you can tell from that intro). So winter in Milan is a hassle, the lows are at a constant -1/1 and the highs get only up to 10°C, but anyway let’s put aside the weather for a moment and think about all the nice coats you can wear in the fashion capital of Italy, plus if you get lucky and catch some snow you’ll get a chance to see some beautiful 1800s buildings (that are already beautiful on their own) covered in snow and that is a sight to see no doubt.

The Weather in Milan in?


Finally the end of the cold and another one of those great seasons to be in the country, cause just in case you haven’t realised, the weather in Italy in the spring/autumn are the best. Let’s look at some highs and lows we’re talking about a 20°C average high and a 12°C average low. So light jackets all the way and don’t forget to bring your crazy ones cause it is the Fashion Capital of Italy.

What should I wear in Milan?

That depends on the season, but I would advise to layer up during the colder season, and have the least things on during the summer cause it is madenning how hot it can get. Plus it’s got that city heat, so it’s going to be real muggy in the summer.



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