So tomorrow is the day the World Cup commences, it’s been 4 years since Brazil and that was the last time the best teams in the world had the chance to play each other in a serious setting such as this. It’s gonna start off with the Home team Russia playing Saudi Arabia giving a start to this tournament. Now you’re thinking I’m here in Italy in my apartment and I’m into Soccer (Football), but I can’t watch all of the games in my home or I’m never gonna have a social life again. Plus it’s boiling outside and nothing beats “cracking open a cold one with the boys/girls” (we be so inclusive at StudentsVille). So instead of staying in your accommodation and losing it, we’re gonna give you a list of pubs divided by area, that’ll no doubt show all of the matches, giving you a nice excuse to get out and have a refreshing drink.

San Frediano seen by the river

San Frediano

Hidden pub San Frediano

Hidden Pub

The Hidden Pub has got that dirty rocker look to it that makes the place feel like an old school metal head, it’s got all you need in a sports pub: sports on the big screen, darts, board games, and most important of all cold cold cold beer. What else are you gonna look for?

Diorama Logo San Frediano


Past the Porta di San Frediano, you’ll find the amazing little Diorama, it’s not only got a crazy amount of beer to choose from, it’s specialized in hot dogs and nothing feels better than watching a match and having a beer with a dirty old chili dog. God, now that I think about it you might find me there just for that chili dog.

Black Lodge San Frediano Food and Drink

Black Lodge

The new kid on the block follows that new dirty rock n roll style if you’re familiar with BRMC it’s defo an inspiration in my mind. Here you’ve got a beautiful selection of booze and the owner is no doubt one of Florence’s best barmen. So here if you don’t want a beer don’t worry you’ll have a great selection to choose from. Another thing about the Black Lodge is their food. I mean it’s AMAZING perfect blend of dutty pub and research. You’ll never want to leave.

The Square of Santa Croce seen from the fountain

Santa Croce

Kikuya Santa Croce Via de Benci


So you’ve probably heard of Via de’ Benci, and no doubt one of your friends has their apartment in the area. This was the golden street of partying, now it’s still pretty crazy, but it toned down just enough to make it fun, but respectable for the residences in the area. Kikuya was one of my first places to go and grab a beer and it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Red Garter FIrenze Via de Benci

Red Garter

One of Florence’s best known American Bars, you know you’ve been there, everyone has. But no worries it’s not just party and drinks, they’ve got a sweet American style restaurant where you’ll get the perfect food for a match. Worst comes to worst if you didn’t like how the game ended you can get wasted next door.

Lions Fountain Piazza Salvemini

Lions Fountain

Another classic American get together, Lions Fountain has been there for so long my uncle went there to grab his first drinks in town when he was a student in Florence. You’ll always find a sporting event at Lions and also you’ll get a chance to meet some peers.

Angie's Pub Age of Pavona Via de neri

Angie’s Pub: Age of Pavona

Down Via de’ Neri, once the street starts to curve you’ll see there on the corner the majestic Angie’s Pub. Here you’ll get a chance to eat while enjoying a fine selection of beers and drinks to pick from. You’ll also have two massive screens to watch the matches on.

Panoramic view of Piazza della Signoria

Piazza Della Signoria/Piazza Della Repubblica

Michael COllins Piazza della Signoria

Michael Collins

After you’ve been to the Uffizi and done all the touristy pictures of Ponte Vecchio, you deserve to grab a quick drink and no doubt you need to cool off. So there is only one pub in the square, right between all the restaurants you can find Michael Collins. Sit in the Square and enjoy the match and the sights.

Old Stove Firenze

Old Stove Porcellino

This is the classic place to see the match, maybe I’m talking of experience, but there is no doubt a crazy amount of people that go there to watch sport. Plus you’re right behind Piazza Della Repubblica and you can enjoy some soccer while the day dies down.

Santa Maria Novella square, behind the train station

Santa Maria Novella

Fiddler's Elbow Santa Maria Novella

Fiddler’s Elbow

Florence’s first Irish pub here you’ll get all the amenities of a classic pub, a pool table, some darts, and beer so much beer. Also, it’s in one of Florence’s most under-appreciated square, Santa Maria Novella, cause everyone just goes straight for Duomo once they get into the Station.

Now You’ve got a list of Pubs to go to and shout your heart out at the screens, now go out grab a beer and show the world your love of sports. 

ps don’t ask about Italy playing they didn’t make it this year.


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