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A list of some of the Best Ice Cream in Milano

How can you be in Italy and not be thinking about gelato every 2 seconds? Now that the weather is warming up it makes it, even more, a part of your everyday Italian life.
So, how are you going to find the best gelato in Milan near Duomo?
No worries we’ve got you covered right here, and once you’ve tried them all let us know where you found the best gelato in Milan (read more about Milan).


Via Adda 3, Milan

One of Milan’s historic gelaterias opened in 1930 by Ugo Paganelli, Paganelli is one of the shining stars of Milan’s gelato scene. Here you can pick from a variety of classic flavors as well as a selection made by the gelato makers moods and finds of the day.

Pavè Gelati e Granite

Via Cesare Battisti 21, Milan

Second endeavour of the Pavé coffee shops of Milan, the Pavé – Gelati and Granite, focuses it’s flavours on classic Milanese deserts like sbrisolona and Tarte Tatin, while also offering a wide selection of classic flavours and granitas (aka Italian Ice, but don’t go calling it that way here, cause it just doesn’t go down well)



Via Luigi Porro Lambertenghi 15, Milan
Via Dogana 1, Milan
Via Brera 29, Milan
Via Giovanni Pacini 17, Milan

In the beautiful area of Isola, you’ll be able to find another of Milan’s best gelaterias. So if you’re about the area suffering from the heat of the city and need some refreshment look no further than Artico.

Gelato Giusto

Gelato Giusto

Via S. Gregorio 17, Milan

Directly from the pastry school of Le Cordon Bleu in London, Vittoria Bartolazzo has brought to Milan some of the best artisanal gelatos you can imagine. All made with fresh seasonal ingredients you’ll have a chance to take in the best of Vittoria’s creations.


Via S. Marco 16, Milan
Via S. Siro 2, Milan
Piazza Po 10, Milan
Via Cola di Rienzo 2, Milan

With its first location opened between the luxurious areas of Wagner and Buonarroti, Rigoletto has become one of the go-to places in Milanese’s hearts. You’ll now find two extra locations scattered across the city (don’t worry it’ll all be mapped). Here not only will you have a great selection of gelato and granite, but a fine selection of chocolate bars that you must try.

Cioccolati italiani

Cioccolati Italiani

Via Torino 60, Milan
Via S. Raffaele 6, Milan
Via Edmondo de Amicis 25, Milan

As the name states, Cioccolati Italiani specializes in Chocolate flavored gelato, but not only gelato, chocolate in general. Its specialization, has made it a must for chocolate lovers, I mean I’m not that into chocolate myself, but when I pass in front of one all I can think is how much I could go for a scoop or two.

Antica Gelateria Sartori

Piazza Luigi di Savoia, Milan

One of Milan’s oldest gelaterias, Sartori is located behind the Stazione Centrale, it’s still as it first opened in a little stand that might make you pass by thinking it’s just another tourist trap. Don’t fall for the cliches cause Sartori is a stop you have to make.

La Gelateria della Musica

Piazzale Francesco Baracca 10, Milan
Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi 4, Milan

Chocolate Bacon. I mean Chocolate Bacon. If I could write that little per gelateria I would just stop at CHOCOLATE BACON (read in Gandalfian “You shall not pass” voice). Anyway, Gelateria della Musica is a great place where you can get a different gelato everyday, cause most of the menu changes with the days that go by. Don’t forget that a place that has Chocolate Bacon will also have a fairly long line.

Milan Gelaterias on Google Maps


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