Food is such an integral part of Italy’s culture, which I love, because who doesn’t like eating fresh and tasty Italian cuisine everyday? But dining out can add up here in Florence, so I decided to start learning how to make some authentic Italian dishes. I can cook, but normally, at home, I just throw whatever I have in the fridge into a pot or pan and make a meal of it.
Lucky for me, it turns out Italians do this, too!

During my stay in Florence, I wanted to master a few Italian dishes so that I could return home and cook my family and friends authentic Florentine meals. I think they’ll be very happy about this endeavor of mine! So, I’m extremely lucky to have an Italian-American friend here, who is going to share her wealth of knowledge on Italian cuisine in a series of short cooking lessons! Sorry for the video quality – my camera isn’t the best for filming but it does the job.

At the end of the video, you will find all of the ingredients for panzanella and chicken caprese pasta, which you can easily make for under 10 euro. Photos of the finished product are below!

Finished product of panzanella!
Chicken Caprese pasta- the perfect light Italian summer meal!

Kelle has been such a great friend to me while in Florence, and she loves to share all of her Italian heritage with others. I am so happy she was willing to be on camera and teach us a few of her dishes she eats on a regular basis (Grazie Kelle!). Here is a little note from Kelle about Italian cooking: (visit her blog for more!)

I tend to cook a lot, especially for people. I am happiest making other people happy, usually around the dinner table. I learned to cook by watching (and then eating!) and I’ve found that in Italian cooking, it’s pretty hard for fresh ingredients and simple techniques not to taste good! I don’t really follow recipes, mainly because I’m terrible at measuring, but also because I learned to cook through sight, feel and taste. My family traditions include all-day long sauce and pasta-making marathons, and a ‘magic’ risotto for special occasions. Mostly, we make food to enjoy eating it together!

We hope you enjoy the premiere of this summer’s Italian cooking lessons:

Natalie Roth


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