This year Milan has been in the spotlight when it comes to new openings, I mean we’re looking at the first Italian Starbucks, the first Italian Five Guys, the first Italian Urban Outfitters. It almost looks like Milan is the place to be, trust me it is, especially with the first Uniqlo Italy store opening soon.

Now after all this International feel, I’ve got to say that something was missing on the plate, something that isn’t from the good old west, something a bit more casual and comfortable, something Japanese, and guess what? Milan isn’t only going to be showcasing Muji (in case you didn’t know you can find it on Via Torino), but it’ll open it’s doors to it’s first Uniqlo Milano!

the first ever Uniqlo

Uniqlo is “Fast Retailing”s biggest player, making about 20 billion dollars a year, and I mean it’s all well deserved, cause if you’ve never been in one of their stores you’ll want to give them all of your money, and you’ll no doubt want to to rush into this one when it opens its doors next Fall. Yeah, unfortunately, the Uniqlo shop in Milan it’s still a year away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hype it up, plus come on this branch of the Uniqlo stores opening soon isn’t that far away.

Uniqlo in Ginza, Tokyo

So while we impatiently wait for the next Uniqlo Milano store to open let’s talk about the achievements and clothing lines of this Brand.

Uniqlo is one of the star players in the fast fashion industry, with its mother brand “Fast Retailing” placing itself 4th in the apparel world. Their classic pieces such as the 100g light coat and it’s monochrome jumpers, are what bring everyone around the fire, and will make you want to buy some amazing Japanese apparel. The company has been going so well, that at the last Wimbledon they snatched Roger Federer from Nike, getting him to sign a 10 year contract for his endorsement. So yeah you know they’re pretty big when they’re going on such a mad one.

Uniqlo store in Shinsaibashi, Osaka

One thing I just cannot take enough of is the quality of their clothes, I mean usually a fast fashion retailer can have it’s downsides to production, but with Uniqlo, this is rarely the case. I still have a hoodie I got as a present years ago and it’s still one of my favourites (unfortunately I can only wear it around the house cause my dog decided to nibble on it so much that it doesn’t have a zipper anymore— hey it’s that good your pet is gonna love it as well, Uniqlo should be paying me for that slogan).

The Uniqlo store in Shanghai

Regarding their sustainability the company has within itself a purely Japanese essence, putting simplicity and craftsmanship at the forefront of its ideals, something that everyone in the fast fashion industry is striving to achieve, with this branch of industry become the second producer of pollution in every part of the world. Let’s just hope that this approach is truthful and not just PR jargon, but hey what more are you going to want than to buy some great minimalist clothes while from Uniqlo Milan while in the Italian capital of fashion?

While you wait don’t forget that you can find everything you need on Uniqlo Online and if you’re not in Italy, cause just in case you didn’t read carefully enough (jk) there isn’t a Uniqlo Italia yet (nowhere not even a Uniqlo Rome) you can always find the closest store to you using the Uniqlo store locator.

uniqlo milano
Rendering for the Cordusio Flagship

Uniqlo Milano Piazza Cordusio

Uniqlo in Milan on Google Maps

So if you’ve never seen a Uniqlo and are wondering what all the fuss is about, get yourself an apartment in Milan near Cordusio and find it off of our website. Just don’t forget to keep some money aside for all the shopping that is gonna be taking place once the store opens.


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