Looking for a little extra cash? Need some additional income? Well, who doesn’t! Luckily, there are websites to make money online, which means we can all increase our assets quickly and easily, albeit not excessively, simply taking online surveys.Which, by the way, often turns out to be fun! Here is one of the best paid surveys review tool.

Add to your budget with websites to make money online

Whether you need to l get through the holidays without going broke, or buy some drinks and good food for the end-of-summer party you planned, registering to take online paid surveys is the smoothest and most uncomplicated way to add to your budget pronto.

Do websites to make money online actually pay you?

Paid surveys exist, and are currently all the rage because they meet two different requirements: the great majority of companies need consumers’, and prospective consumers’, opinions, while, on the participant side, it’s great to be able to get some extra cash flow easily in your spare time.

But…do they actually pay? And if so how?

A paid surveys review always helps

Seeing the variety of websites to make money online out there, who can one trust?
As in every business, there are reliable and unreliable companies. This applies to the internet especially, because, clearly, it’s easier to “cheat” online than it is straight to one’s face. But, again as in every business, reputation and word-of-mouth help us find our way through the fog and avoid rascals and illegal vendors. On the internet, reputation and word-of-mouth come together, becoming paid surveys reviews.
An honest top paid surveys review guarantees your cash!

Some online survey sites are known for being illegitimate, some for not paying at all, ever, and some for paying the very minimum and after a very (very) long time. A straightforward, clear-cut top paid surveys review will not save your life, but it can definitely help ensure you sign up to the right websites and be paid what you earned. Plus, not all websites for making money online offer cash payment, some only pay in gift cards, or discount vouchers.

Paid surveys review: cash via PayPal is better!

Many people are not particularly partial to gift cards, or vouchers. I must say I agree because I like picking things out myself. Cash payment means having the liberty to do what you want with the profit you made, and the simplest and most reliable way to get your cash paid from survey sites is through PayPal.

Advantages of PayPal in paid surveys

PayPal is trustworthy, safe and available in many countries worldwide. Because its safety and reliability are critical issues that need to be safeguarded, PayPal itself is very careful to accept only companies that can provide legit proof of trustworthiness. So, most paid surveys reviews agree that payment via PayPal is an indication that a survey site is law-abiding and reliable.

Last, but definitely not least: you can get an account for free simply by visiting the PayPal website, it is amazingly easy to use, and you can use it to purchase goods and services in a lot of places!

Top paid surveys review: the best survey site for 2021

But not all survey sites pay via PayPal, which is why I decided to study the options, read through the most competent and recently published paid surveys reviews, examine the different sites and talk with a couple of pros.

All my top paid surveys review analyses had the same outcome: IntelliZoom is the very best online survey site that pays cash via PayPal.

The IntelliZoom panel

IntelliZoom is the participant community of UserZoom, the world-famous UX Insights company created to help companies ideate, or fine-tune, the websites and digital products they make.

UserZoom client companies include Google, Oracle, Aetna, Santander and News UK… I’d say we can trust them, right?! Seriously, being set up by such a virtuoso company means IntelliZoom is a perfectly organized, very well-outfitted, user-friendly panel. And, it is 100% reliable and legit. Joining the IntelliZoom community allows you to make money easily both using your laptop or your phone, so you can take surveys wherever and whenever.

IntelliZoom payments

How about payment amounts?

These are always clearly stated in the study invitations you receive, and payments are made via PayPal to your PayPal account within a maximum of 21 business days (not including weekends) after study completion.

Alluring, right? Find out more about becoming a participant in the IntelliZoom panel and register here.

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And stay tuned for more coming up next month!


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