European cuisine is world-famous.
Each country, has its own style and traditions and an appreciation of food, which is unmatched. Whether it is fresh oysters in the French Riviera, succulent German sausages, or fresh Greek yoghurt and honey, here are 10 destinations taking you to places, where the food will make your taste buds come alive.
So take a break from your usual diet, and open your mind, as well as your mouth! What type of food do they eat in Italy?

The best Foods in Europe

Chocolate, Interlaken, Switzerland
Chocolate. It doesn’t take much convincing, to come on a trip to the country famed for the milkiest chocolate in the world, does it? Something to truly enjoy after hiking up a Swiss Mountain. If that isn’t enough there’s cheese fondue and fresh beers to enjoy too.

Beer, Pretzels and Sausages, Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany
Most people coming to a beer festival won’t be thinking too much about the food. But here there are traditional sausages in almost every shade and flavour imaginable. Everything is giant-sized. The pretzels are the size of your face, and beers served in small tanks, which means there are plenty of delicious treats to soak up the beer and refuel before continuing your sampling of the local brews.

Oysters, French Riviera & Cannes, France
There is nothing classier than The French Riviera. Take the freshest fish and combine it with world-class cooking and here you find some of the best restaurants. But you don’t have to go to a Michelin-starred restaurant to eat well. The daily markets have their own fresh oysters and olives. Perfectly accompanied by a glass of champagne too!

Roasted Duck, Pilsner Beer, Prague, Czech Republic
How about a plate of pecená kachna served with a freshly chilled pivo? This region has always been famous for roasted duck and pilsner beer. Whether the duck is served with apple sauce, plum sauce, or herbs….it’s all delicious. And many of the restaurants are worth a visit in themselves. The Czech’s history of beer-making dates back almost 200 years, when the golden lager Pilsner was born. There is a healthy micro-brewery scene here, where you can visit museums, and monasteries where it’s made.

Goulash, Budapest, Hungary
This dish makes a hearty meal, a meat and vegetable stew or hot pot.
And where better to try it that the country from where it originated- Hungary. Every restaurant will have its own version, many passed down through family members, so it’s worth trying a few. A healthy dose of paprika gives this dish a spicy kick

Mozart chocolate Balls and Sachertorte, Vienna, Austria
Mozart didn’t just contribute to the world of music, but his face adorns the world-famous chocolate balls too. They are delicious, and make the perfect present. And continuing the chocolate theme is the Sachertorte. The first recipe dates back to 1718. A thick chocolate cake, served with cream is truly divine.

Feta Cheese, Greek Salad, Pita Ghiros (street food), Greek Yoghurt with honey, Greek Islands, Greece
This is quite a list of things to eat, but with such a rich variety of exquisite food, it’s difficult to narrow it down. You might think you know Feta Cheese, but it will be nothing like you try here. It’s flaky, creamy and unforgettable. Feta on any salad makes it sing. The Pita Ghiros brings new meaning to fast food (grilled meat and vegetables wrapped in a Pita bread), and the Greek Yoghurt and honey makes the perfect breakfast. An absolute must for everyone.

Crepes (pancakes), Paris, France
The French have a never-ending list of delicious foods to try, but while in Paris head for the Latin Quarter, to experience real life in the French capital, and try some of the tastiest pancakes ever. There are some surprisingly good savoury crepes too with cheese, meat and egg. Definitely worth a try.

Paella, Tapas and Sangria, Barcelona, Spain
It’s difficult to select just a few dishes from a vast range of Spanish cuisine. Paella (the seafood-style risotto) is full of flavour, full of fish, and spicy chorizo sausage. Tapas is a chance to really try everything that’s good about Spanish food. The portions are tiny, but ordering 4-5 dishes, you make up a meal. The sangria is red wine, fresh fruit and a dash of brandy. Delicious.

Grilled Meat & Truffles, Croatia
Crystal blue seas, some of Europe’s best beaches and fresh grilled meat dishes, makes this a perfect combination for a great get-away. The truffles, are one of the world’s most expensive delicacy. Difficult to grow, and only found using highly trained dogs (or pigs) they are a real treat with an unforgettable flavour. Truffles are fabulous on fresh grilled meat, or pasta.


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