It’s a week before the official start of spring, but you WOULD NEVER know it, because it just won’t stop raining and being cold in Florence, Italy.

Spring clothing lines have already hit store windows, torturing us with brilliant colors, crisp whites, and open-toed shoes that are in no way fit for what the weather is actually like outside.

While I’m sure that heat and sunshine will, at some point, make an appearance Florence (can you back me up here, meteorologists?), until then, we’re going to have to play it cool like this Italian girl:

SV Fashion Week Firenze

She’s still sporting a winter-friendly wardrobe, with dark neutrals, high boots, leggings, fur-lined hood, and a thick scarf to seal the deal (see how it’s wrapped around the outside of her coat collar? That’s super Italian and super warm).  She alludes to the approaching arrival of spring with a bright green leather bag –  instead of bright red bare legs – reminding us all to hang tight and content ourselves with changing our accessories until we can change our entire wardrobe.

But hanging tight was not an option for this couple:

Firenze Street Fashion March

No, they just could NOT WAIT to save this color palette for a later, more appropriate date. While they actually look kind of awesome (Hey, salsa dancer and English nobleman on a stroll!), they just don’t fit in to late March in Florence.

Tight, white pants on guys is a big thing in Italy – but I thought I wouldn’t have to deal with seeing the two out together until at least after the holidays. Isn’t “don’t wear white before Easter” a rule? And didn’t Italians invent fashion rules? And while I do love some good leopard print, paisley, and neon – I’m just not sure about all three of them all together. But, I don’t know… maybe they just got the season wrong? Should we give them a do-over and see how these outfits look when spring hits?


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