8 things you absolutely need to see this summer, and how to raise the cash you’ll need

Winter has passed, skies are blue, roses are in bloom. It’s summer, at last, that wonderful season when we all get to spend more time outdoors and enjoy carefree sunny days!

Vacation, vacation, vacation!

Summer is also vacation season, and, though many travelers have a craving for exotic places, Europe’s cities, towns, and natural wonders are still the world’s most sought-after holiday destinations. 

Why choose Europe

With its long sunlit days, art, architecture, gorgeous verdant landscapes, and an amazing variety of attractions, Europe is indeed a fabulous landing place for a vacation. Because it attracts thousands of visitors, especially in summer, there are throngs of people roaming the streets, visiting the museums, lying on the beaches, wining, dining, and dancing the night away.

Will you join the party, or prance off-the-beaten-track?

Europe is a top destination for memorable summer holidays, especially because it offers both festive options and places, and unusual out-of-the-ordinary attractions. Looking for travel ideas to add to your summer bucket list? Read on for 8 exciting and refreshing ideas! And then choose whether to join the party, prance off-the-beaten-path or combine the two… it’s all in Europe, after all, so you can easily travel from one country to another! 

Summer in Europe Bucket List: 8 cant-miss experiences

  1. Wonderful UK n. 1 – Long Live The Queen 

Travel to the UK between June 2nd and June 5th 2022, and join the celebrations for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! Including 375 public events and 600+ street parties and private events throughout the whole Commonwealth, the Jubilee is bound to offer amazing sights and a lot of fun in central London. See all events and special features on the Platinum Jubilee official website.

  1. Wonderful UK n.2 – 30th Anniversary Celebration Brighton & Hove Pride

Not on vacation till August? No worries! This year, summer’s last and hottest month hosts an event that is nothing short of extraordinary: the Brighton & Hove Pride, running on August 6th and 7th. Canceled for 2 years due to the pandemic, the dazzling festival will include the popular Pride events (FREE Pride Community Day, Pride Dog Show, 2-day Pride Village Party, Pride LGBTQ+ Community Parade etc…). The theme? Love, Protest, and Unity

See all details, and buy tickets, on the official website.

london queen jubilee
  1. Gorgeous Croatia – The Yacht Week

Otherwise known as the ultimate “floating festival”. Seafarers, sailors, and sun-devotees, this is the holiday you’ve been dreaming about: spend 7 days sailing, discovering gorgeous spots, swimming, and partying all night long! You can go with a group of friends or join a shared yacht. Choose your route or pick one of the pre-designed itineraries. See all details, including answers to FAQs and payment, on The Yacht Week website

  1. Swedish-Style Extravaganza – Midsummer Skinny-Dipping

Midsummer, or Midsommar as the locals say, is one of the most celebrated holidays in Sweden. Held on June 25th this year, it pays homage to the summer solstice and involves a number of intriguing traditions and a lot of fun. The day starts with flower-picking and wreath-weaving, and continues with schnapps-drinking, dancing around a decorated pole, eating pickled herrings, and…midnight skinny-dipping! Legal, legit, and shared by hundreds of Swedes. Looking for a different outlook on summer? Join the party!

  1. Norway Heights – Climb the World’s Longest Wooden Staircase,

Adventure-seekers, this is your call! Travel to south-west Norway and make your way to Flørli, a hamlet in the Lysefjord, to climb the longest, steepest, most incredible staircase in the world: 4,444 steps that clamber up the mountain. Proper planning is key: firstly because there are only 3 ways to get to this tiny village, i.e. hiking across the mountains, by ferry (4 daily), or on your own boat. Second, because you’re going to need seriously good hiking boots

  1. Dutch Venice – Visit Giethoorn, in the Netherlands 

Tiny islands studded with colored houses connected by a maze of shimmering, peaceful canals and 180 wooden bridges. Located in the Overijsse, namely “across the IJssel river” province, the fairytale-like village of Giethoorn is an unpretentious and unaffected, but just as fascinating, Dutch version of Venice. Seeing is believing.

  1. Slovak Paradise – Discover one of Europe’s Spectacular National Parks

How about spending a few days hiking through luxuriant forests, fording wild roaring creeks, crossing thrilling glens and admiring dramatic waterfalls? Slovakia boasts 9 national natural parks, but the Slovak Paradise National Park is by far the most exceptional. Crosscut by over 300 km of well-signaled trails and hiking routes, it provides hikers and nature lovers with adventurous canyons and gorges, spectacular views, and even 300+ underground caves!

  1. Unexpected Italy – Lago di Resia and the Submerged Bell Tower

You might have seen a photo of a lake with an eerie “piece” of a church bell tower seemingly afloat in the middle of it. If you have, you probably thought it was a (horrible) photoshop fail. Actually, it isn’t. That bright blue mountain-framed lake is called Lake Resia and located in Trentino-Alto Adige/South Tyrol, Italy. The bell tower belongs to a church that dates back to the 1300s and was submerged, by accident, in the 1950s. Visiting the area provides a wonderful journey through Alpine woods, valleys, and centuries-old traditions.

norway summer 2022

Where to get the cash? Intellizoom!

Whether you’re in for skinny-dipping by night, hiking by day, or even just lounging on a soft sandy beach, holidays call for a little extra spending money. Hence, the question is: where do you get the additional money you need to enjoy your choice of summer experience in Europe? As you know, by now Studentsville is here to help, and we’ve got the answer to all your budget worries: Intellizoom!

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Studentsville staff research on survey sites

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What is Intellizoom?

Intellizoom is the participant panel of UserZoom, the world-famous user experience insight company. Practically, Intellizoom is the virtual community that provides UserZoom with the opinions, feedback and insight it needs to assist its clients. Who are Userzoom’s customers? Influential companies – including weighty names like Oracle, Google, News UK, Aetna, and Santander – that need professional support to perfect and hone their websites, apps and other digital products.  

Why it’s cool

Needless to say, a survey website created by such a prominent company is one-hundred-percent legit, wonderfully easy-to-use, and superbly outfitted with catchy colors, winsome design, and fetching graphics… we love the look! 

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IntelliZoom payments: safe and dependable via PayPal

User-friendliness and eye-catching design aside, the reason why Intellizoom appears to be the best choice among all survey sites is that it provides secure, stress-free, timely payments. In fact, Intellizoom lets you know how much you’ll be paid prior to your taking the test, and pays you via PayPal within 21 business days after you’ve completed the study completion. Always.

Intellizoom stands out because it makes the effort

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Technical issues, complicated testing? Not with Intellizoom!

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