I went out to seek Florence street fashion and what Italians wear during their day-to-day activities. From punk to elegant, color explosions to head-to-toe black, this is what I found:

Effortless Punk: The girl on the left is rocking the boots and long shorts looks which sheHow to dress in Italy when it's hot paired nicely with an over-sized tank to give it an effortless look.

The one the right is sporting the ankle sandals paired with a tight skirt and a looser fitting top with a gorgeous metal necklace that spices up the outfit.

Ankle sandals are all over the Italian streets, and you can wear them with almost anything. She dressed down her skirt with them to give it an edgier feel.



Italian Men: How do they dress in ItalyCasually Cool: This guy is sporting the typical Italian fashion for men: v-neck t-shirt; tight, long shorts, and converse-style tennis shoes.

His outfit looks cool and causal with a light color palate and aviator style sunglasses.








Red Heels on the Cobblestones in Florence ItalyBlack out: Looking sophisticated and chic, this woman is rocking the all black style, that Italians love, paired with some colored accessoriesto give it a new flare. 

I love her red heels and bright pink purse with this all black outfit. It makes the ensemble fashionable and polished instead of everyday plain.






Italian Woman's Fashion in FlorenceSimply Chic: The longer the better in Italy; never-ending dresses and skirts are such a common fashion theme here.

I like how she pairs her maxi skirt with cute, simple sandals and a plain, beige top to make the outfit look elegant yet effortless.





Italian Men's Fashion in Florence Italy
Casually Daring: Another example of men’s fashion in Italy: he uses a brighter color palate and pairs his v-neck t-shirt with a bright, flannel checkered shirt and matching, flat, tom’s-style shoes.  

I love his bold choices as well the banana yellow shorts paired with the strawberry pinks; it’s a great look for summer.






Edgy Casual: What People Wear on the Florence Italy StreetsHigh sandals, that look like boots, are a great way to spice up any causal outfit.

She wears her brown ones with a neon tank and jean shorts – a very casual outfit but still highly fashionable, thanks to her trendy choice in shoes.

Another common fashion item is tights with dresses or skirts.




 What the Italians Are Wearing in Florence

Sheek and simple: She is sports them with a classy argyle print, adding a notch of style to her patternless, blue dress.

Paired with simple black flats, she looks sophisticated and classy.


That concludes on my day on the town scoping out florence street fashion! I hope you get some good ideas on how to look fashionably Italian when you visit!

Ciao! – Kyrsten

What’s your favorite Italian fashion trend of this Summer? Send us your pics and you could be featured on our facebook page or added to this article!



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