Okay so I know I just wrote a MONSTROUS post, gushing about IED Florence (Istituto Europeo di Design Firenze) and how wonderful they are, and I just wanted to let you guys know that THEY GET EVEN BETTER (hard to believe, I know). I bet you’re thinking, “But Paige, how could they ever get better than they were yesterday?” Well, let me tell YOU. Today I discovered the details of their summer programs, which are incredible. As if I didn’t already want to stay in Florence forever, this is giving me an even better reason to burn my return flight ticket. So let me give you the scoop on what IED has to offer during June and July 2013!

*BONUS: these courses are all taught in English!*


IED Firenze Summer Courses1. Fashion Media

This is a photography and video course that puts you in charge of a photo shoot for the main styling project. You’ll weave the pictures and footage you take into an innovative new media post production showpiece. Totally cool! Plus, it’s an intro level course – so you can enroll even if your passion for fashion doesn’t include years of expertise!


IED Summer Courses2. Graphic Design and Portfolio

This course is ALL about portfolio building for beginning graphic designers. Through lectures, studies, and awesome site visits (field trips!!) to different design studios, exhibitions, and other industry professionals you’ll develop a better understanding of Italian graphic design and build a stellar portfolio in the process!





IED Firenze Summer Courses3. Advanced Graphic Design

This brand new course is definitely not for beginners (check the title!). With the knowledge gained on typography, type direction, digital publishing, digital photography, corporate identity and image, students will put together a Florence city guide in the form of an eBook! The direction the book takes is totally up to the student, so this course is truly tailor made for each and every individual. Plus, rumor has it that if the books are good enough, they might do something really cool with them like… sell them on Amazon!

IED Firenze Summer Courses4. Fashion Events and PR

This is one of the most popular courses at IED, providing an overview of the enormous behind-the-scenes effort involved in putting on a fashion show (yours!) and marketing it to the world! The best part about this course? You get to partner with a real company to put on your event! Also, you’ll get to work with your peers in collaboration with one of IED’s other summer courses, which just happens to be next on this list.




IED Firenze Summer Courses5. Visual Merchandising for the Fashion Industry

This course is an introduction to visual merchandising, focusing specifically on how it shapes a fashion retail environment. Through a partnered project with the Fashion Events and PR course above, you’ll also get hands on experience working on an actual event alongside your classmates!


IED Firenze Summer Courses6. Italian Leather and Design

Okay, so this is by far the coolest summer option in my opinion. Over the course duration, you’ll get to learn the traditional crafting techniques of Florentine leather (so cool), PLUS you collaborate with the leather school in Santa Croce. The first week is all about mastering the design principles, and the rest of the course is spent in the workshop, with the artisans, MAKING YOUR OWN BAG. Seriously?!


All of these classes are awesome opportunities for learning and applying practical skills, getting specialized work experience, spending the SUMMER IN FLORENCE, ITALY, and maybe even developing a new perspective about your future profession while you’re at it!

IED Firenze (official website)
Address: Via Maurizio Bufalini, 6R
Phone number: 055 29821
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Check out IED Firenze’s complete course list, here.

Or, if you’re thinking, “Obviously these courses are absolutely amazing, but what’s the entire school package actually like?” read our review and inside tour of IED Firenze!

– Photo credits: IED Florence & Milan

Which IED summer course would you choose?


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