Beginning at a young age, my parents have always stressed the importance of traveling in safe, well-made vehicles. Therefore, riding on a motorcyle/scooter would be absolutly out of the question. When I first arrived in Florence, I was shocked at the number of people that drived scooters. Unfortunately, I have regretfully noticed how wrecklessly most of them choose to drive. They think that because they are in a small, narrow vehicle, it gives them the right to carelessly weave in and out of traffic. Throughout the past two months I have also witnessed numerous accidents between scooters and pedestrians.
When recently asked to accompany a friend to the park on a scooter, I am sure you can easily imagine my extreme hesitation. He explained to me that riding on a scooter would be an experience that I must not miss before returning to the United States. After lots of convincing, I eventually agreed, with the promise that he would drive slowly and control the urge to pass slow driving cars. Once I tightly secured my helmet we were off. Initially, I was quite frightened.
However as we continued down the road my confidence slowly increased. Riding on a scooter gave me a feeling of weightlessness, somewhat similar to flying. After riding to and from the park I had reached a new understanding about scooters/motorcycles. Responsibly riding them is acceptable but carelessness can result in serious accidents. I understand that speed can be a dangerous yet enticing addiction but please do not put your life or the lives of others at risk. Life is too precious and taking such high risks are never worth it. So before you get on a scooter and take off like a bat out of hell, think about the value of life and drive with care.


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