When in Rome, right? when in Rome to study you need to find the best place to rest your legs and find all the info you need. That’s why we came up with a list of all of the best libraries in the eternal city. Once you find your favorite Rome Public Library, you’re gonna have to let us know somehow, here or even on any of our pages. But don’t send us no selfies cause that would mean you’re not really studying. Also, why not enjoy our Ebook and map that you can download when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi, so you don’t need to worry about wasting data on the go.
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Biblioteca Angelica

Piazza di S. Agostino 8, Rome

Mon, Fri, Sat 08:30-13:45
Tue, Wed, Thur 08:30-18:50
Sun Closed

Once the private library of a Vatican bishop, the Angelica library, holds some of the most important documentation of the Reformation and Counter-Reformation of the Church. SO this is a library for the history nerds out there. Also, you’ll get a chance to see original 15th-century editions of Dante and Petrarch, thus you can feel most of Italian history in one location. A Rome public library.

Biblioteca Vallicelliana

Via della Chiesa Nuova 18, Rome

Mon, Tue, Fri 08:15-15:00
Wed, Thurs 08:15-19:15
Sat-Sun Closed

The most important medieval history Rome library, here you’ll get a chance to go through some of the most stunning documentation of Italian culture, not only from days yonder but also of the more recent period giving you the opportunity to see the countries evolution.

Biblioteca del Senato

Piazza della Minerva 38, Rome

Mon-Fri 09:00-19:30
Sat 09:00-12:30
Sun Closed

Opened to the public in 2003, in this library Rome you’ll get a chance to go through some of the most important Italian law documentation, from the medieval times all the way to the 19th century. You can go through something around 700.000 volumes, so be ready when you get there.

Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei e Corsiniana

Palazzo Corsini,
Via della Lungara 10, Rome

Mon, Fri 09:00-13:00
Tue, Wed, Thurs 09:00-17:00
Sun Closed

Home to minds such as Galileo Galilei, the Lincei Academy is home to a huge variety of studies that range from architecture to alchemic research. Its beautiful location in Palazzo Corsini — one of Rome’s best kept Baroque palaces — is also home to conferences on science and history.

Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte

Piazza Venezia 3, Rome

Mon-Fri 08:30-19:30
Sat-Sun Closed

The largest collection of art and archaeology volumes in Italy, the Biblioteca di Archeologia e Storia dell’Arte counts 370.000 volumes that go back all the way to the 16th century. With locations in Palazzo Venezia and Crociera del Collegio Romano, this is the place to be.

Biblioteca Casanatense

Via di S. Ignazio 52, Rome

Mon, Wed, Thurs 08:30-19:00
Tues, Fri 08:30-15:00
Sat-Sun Closed

Opened to the general public in 1701 by Cardinal Girolamo Casanata with the intent of broadening its collection and giving knowledge to the Roman populace. In this library, you’ll get a chance to find texts that date back to the Greek and Roman times.

Biblioteca Hertziana

Via Gregoriana 28, Rome

Mon-Fri 9:30-20:00
Sat-Sun Closed

One of the newest Rome library, it was given to the city by Henriette Hertz with the intent to showcase and study some of the most important works of Art from the Renaissance onwards, here you’ll get a glimpse of some of the best tomes on art you can in the city, and all of that near the Spanish Steps.

Biblioteca Luigi Chiarini

Via Tuscolana 1524, Rome

Mon-Fri 9:30-16:00
Sat-Sun Closed

Rome’s central cinematography library, the Biblioteca Luigi Chiarini, here you’ll find all you need to know about Italian Cinema. You’ll find playwrights and scripts from private collections that were donated to it so you can know exactly where and how some of the best movies in Italian cinema came from.


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