There are fewer ways to make a girl feel like she needs a wardrobe overhaul than bringing her to Pitti Uomo, land of the well-dressed and beautiful. But alas, as awful as photographing handsome men while downing free drinks and food was, I somehow managed to survive. And I brought home some crazy cool style tips from the event itself. So you can avoid my situation and save yourself the embarassment of looking like you put on a stained brown sack  it the dark.

1: socks…the brighter the better

Gone are the days of boring and drab white socks. Why not take bright blue for a spin. Or yellow if you’re feeling extra cheery. There were booths on booths with bright and patterned socks. Don’t feel like going crazy? Add a little pop in a subtle way by picking fun patterns on more neutral colors, like gray. But you’re kinda missing the point if you don’t go crazy. Just saying.

2: Blue is the hue…for this next year

No colors were more abundant than blue at Pitti Uomo this year. Almost everyone was wearing it. The shade varied, but for women a bright or dark blue was popular, and men tended to don baby blue or dark blue.

3: Life is a circle, and your sunglasses should be too.

Circle sunglasses are the new hottest thing. They are everywhere and on everyone. If there is one thing I learned from Pitti, it’s that I need a pair of these bad boys

 EXTRA TIP: Mirrored sunglasses were massively trending as well.


Spektre Sunglasses

Vava Sunglasses

Matsuda Eyewhere

4: LADIES: Not only should your socks be bright, but your shoes should be too!

One look that was hard to ignore, was the bright colors that women were wearing. Gone are the days of classic black or nude shoes. The new trend is bright and playful!

5: MEN: Don’t jump on the bright-shoe-boat just yet…

While bright and bold colors were commonplace on woman at Pitti, men donned a more classic and neutral style on their feet. Typically, men’s shoes brown, black, dark blue, and pale shades of green, yellow, and blue.


6. Showcase your personality with patterns

From the young to the old, everyone had on cool patterns, whether it be on their suits, their shoes, or their phones. One particularly trending pattern was florals, especially among men. But honestly, there was everything: florals, splatter, 1980s reminiscent patterns and funky earthy patterns.

7. Your phone is a lot cooler when you can stick it to things

One super cool new product I discovered was an Italian brand Sticko. Sticko might actually be the most helpful phone accessory since iPod earbuds. So…what is this wicked awesome product? Well, it’s like a phone decoration with a functional purpose. Sticko allows you to stick your phone to any flat surface, like a mirror or window, and it just STAYS. It doesn’t feel sticky to the touch and it doesn’t leave a residue. At first, I was like hmmm…what’s the purpose of that. But it’s actually super useful. Lets say you want to facetime, but not hold the phone…STICKO. Or you want to GPS in the car…STICKO. OR you wanna have a dance party in your PJs and video it (that was in a video on their site)…you guessed it, STICKO.

In case you were wondering, that out of focus case IS Hitler with boobs, rubbing his nipples. And yes, I do want that sticko for my phone
The sticko I got from Pitti! It really works! I mean, I literally had to pry it off with a credit card, but hey…no residue and no falling phone!


While I could ramble on and on about different trends, the overarching theme was fun and full of personality. And one brand definitely knew how to play on that. Tee Trend was my favorite booth of the day, incorporating their ad campaign into an event for people to participate in. Pitti was full of incredible finds (and a lot of awesome free drinks!), but now I need to go shop. For an entire new wardrobe.

Pitti Uomo blew me away!



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