Meeting Walter Quiet


How did Walter Quiet Start?

WQ: So Walter Quiet is a photographer, I mean I’m a photographer. My photographic career started 10 years ago, more or less. Not exactly a pro career, but I started getting closer to photography. For two years I’d spend a lot of time with my friends and I’d find myself needing to capture those moments together. It was like a challenge, where every day we’d shoot and create albums that would tell the story of our time together. This was always done as a hobby. Later on, there was another factor that sparked my passion for photography, my trip to visit my cousin in Ireland. Seeing all that beautiful scenery, and the ocean for the first time, made me fall in love with nature photography, so I began to shoot not only friends but also landscapes.

I used to study to be a mechanic, I started working and acquiring some experience, but I could feel within myself that this wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t wake up doing what I loved and I decided that I had to make photography my job, so I changed schools and signed up for a photography degree. The most important aspect I got from school was the fact that I was surrounded by people that had my same passion. Breathing the same air as people that have your same lifestyle helped me a lot. After that, I went on another trip, a road-trip through Switzerland, where my love for nature and travel increased exponentially.

What Lenses do you use?

The lenses I use for my photo shoots are not many, just one. I believe that you only need one lens, the right lens keep in mind. I don’t think you need a full array of lenses, optics, and whatnot. I use a 35mm f1.4, it has a great aperture, mounted on a full frame so you can achieve a true 35mm.

I picked this lens because its perception is the closest to replicating that of the human eye. This way I want to bring the viewer inside the frame. With a wide angle you can sense the fake, and with a telephoto lens, you perceive the distance. What I want is that the person seeing the picture is there with me behind the lens

What’s Something you have to see in Italy?

Being in Love with nature, I’d advise going to Trentino Alto-Adige, there are a thousand great mountains and lakes to visit. For example, Lake Braies, a great spot, even though it’s becoming a cliché for photographers, it’s amazing nonetheless. Close by, still in Trentino Alto-Adige you can find Lake Carezza, Lake Tovel, that was red up until the 80s, Lake Dobbiaco, and Val di Fassa.

All of these locations are great to visit, and you’ll also find the Three Peaks of Lavaredo, and if you’re really into trekking, you’ll find yourself in some amazing locations like Lake Sorapis, it’s colors are so beautiful you’ll think it’s fake.

When did You start making your Videos?

I started shooting videos a couple years back, I felt the necessity to communicate something else not only my pictures. It all started in a very particular time of my life, I was going through some problems. One of those times where you feel left behind by pretty much everyone.

So, I felt that I needed to talk to a crowd and tell them my ideas and my points of view, and I started to notice that my subscriptions were going up, so I kept going. In the beginning, I would record every day, I’d talk more in my videos than in reality. Because I decided to do this I started to make it my diary, where I would talk about my ideas. I also talk about the mindset, the lifestyle, the attitude. I came to realize that it’s 80% psychological and 20% technical in photography. So the idea for my video tutorials comes out of that, we can call them tutorials even though they don’t follow the standard where I just explain how to do something, I improvise a lot, I started to change the way I make my content, from a static shot to bringing everyone backstage on my shoots, so I can show what I do and explain how to take certain shots, hot to use lighting, colors, everything really. It’s also a lot easier for me to do this while on set. It’s really important for me to show that I do this, cause it’s great doing something while having the chance to explain how it’s done.

Since they’re having such a great impact, I’m doing more and more and trying to make them better every time, while trying to involve the viewers more. I realized that with images it’s harder to communicate certain aspects of photography, and who followed my IG was also curious to see who was behind the shots, my ideas, my character, and so this gives me a boost even for me as a creative. I don’t want to say “artist”, but it gives me the chance to say things that I can’t with an image.


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