Meeting the Bad Brothers


Meeting the Bad Brothers

We met the BAD Brother’s Tattoo Studio in Florence. They're pretty famous for their unique style and way to create custom designs for their clients. Discover more watching this video.

Posted by StudentsVille on Thursday, 6 December 2018

Alex: Hi guys this is Alex

Tommy: I’m Tommy

A: We are two brothers originally from here (Florence) and a year ago we decided to open up a Tattoo Studio in Via Buonvicini, just outside the city center, Piazza Savonarola is the area. Our background is in Bars and Nightclubs, we’ve been 20 years bartending all over the world.

T: You’ve been 20 years, I’m younger.

A: OK maybe 18 and 20, we’ve been all around the places like NY, Spain, London bartending. We’re growing a little older and we always drew since we were two kids and then we decided to dedicate ourselves to a different craftsmanship and started a Tattoo business.

T: What about our Tatto Studio?

A: Well our Tattoo Studio is a little different, from other ones, besides the fact that after your tattoo  you’re gonna get a free beer

T: Always

A: You don’t drink before, but later, afterward you can. What we do is we create a talisman,  an alchemical talisman tattoo, based on your life experience, on your life path, on your journey. We put meaning in it together, with you, to create an original tailor-made design that speaks about you.

What is the Creative Process?

A: How do we do this? we do this using alchemical symbols that are completely redesigned graphically. Using our latest technologies, and also the ancient technologies, as the alchemical books. The outcome of the design will be unique and a non-repeatable design.

So, when did it all start?

A: What made you start?

T: What made me start doing Tattoos is passion art and getting in touch with people and trying to satisfy their desires, their wishes on their skin with a drawing or an idea that will last forever (hoping it lasts forever) and well that’s it.

A: Yeah I think so, being in the bar, you’re trying to catch, to understand the kind of person you have in front of you and try to leave the best service and the best moment  that you can, but it only lasts an hour, ten minutes, a night, or maybe two nights. We traveled a lot and we’re very curious to get in touch with people of other cultures and other countries, with different opinions, and different life stories. Being able to Tattoo them and do this process together with them, makes you understand a lot about human beings, that’s what personally I love the most, of course, art is part of us, we always drew since we were kids, so being able to transfer on skin the drawings that we always did is something that is privilege and its part of a learning curve that never ends. And we are grateful for being able to do that.

T: Yeah, I really love the way in which the ideas that somebody has comes in my mind, I try to elaborate it (I don’t know if I said it right) but then the final result of the tattoo comes out and there are many, many things that can be inside the drawing by themselves, they come along by themselves.

A: A Process

T: Yeah, the process of creation of something that makes me start doing Tattoos.

Which Bad Brother are you?

A: I’m Alessandro, I’m 39 years old. I’m from here (Florence) and I’m one the Bad Brother Tattoo guys. I’ve been traveling a lot for all my life, being in the States, in the UK, in Spain, in Germany, always bartending or you know all sorts of jobs. I like the freedom of going and knowing. Art has always been in my veins, I always drew, I always played music. Why? because I find that “normal life” is boring and it closes your mind, while I prefer it to be open and understand. I chose to become a Tattoo artist, because tattoo nowadays is one of the few art forms that gives you the possibility to express yourself, to do something with people and at the same time, being able to eat something. I come from Florence, which is probably one of the best cities in the world artwise, you can go around and have an inspiration all over the places, there are pieces of art from everyone here. I’m enjoying the process, I’m having a ball, I Love it. Come and get a Tattoo.

And what about the other Bad Brother?

T: Hello everybody, I’m Tommaso. I’m a Tattoo Artist for three years. I’ve always been interested in Tattooing. The first Tattoo I’ve made on myself, with a needle and some ink. It’s this, it’s horrible, but I was 21 years old and I was just doing something at home to try. Then I made in the same way many other tattoos, I mean four but it was a lot for me at the time. After that I studied to do it, actually at the beginning, I didn’t know if I actually liked tattooing, but every moment I was more into Tattoo I was aware that I really loved it. My favorite artists during the process of knowing myself in the art are De Chirico and Dalì, for sure, for the way that they let themselves go with a pencil, and they transferred directly their ideas into paper. I mean that’s it’s I love Tattooing and so welcome in the Bad Brothers Tattoo Studio.

What is your advice for first-time visitors?

T: What to see in Italy? There are plenty of things that you can see in Italy you just need to walk around with your head up instead of looking at your feet while you’re walking. It’s full of art, it’s full of everything.

A: What to say about Italy? Well, Italy is a very controversial country. We do magnificent things and really bad things. Our advice is to mix with Italians, which most of the time doesn’t happen because Italians don’t speak English very well, anyway be patient, go around become friends with Italians, they can be nice people.

T: Sometimes

A: Interesting, enjoy art, enjoy food, enjoy your life experience here. As an experience, you’ll come out an enriched person, yeah mix. Mix and Try.


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