We all know that money websites, i.e. websites you can get an income out of, exist. But how do they work? What do you have to do? Is it hard, easy, annoying or what? And, ultimately, are money websites a good option for students looking to raise their monthly budget?

Money websites, the perfect choice for savvy students

It never seems to be enough…if there’s one thing all students, from Europe to Oceania, agree upon is that the cost of living is much too high compared to their income. One can, of course, get a part-time job, but taking online surveys is certainly a much easier and less stressful option. Plus, it “steals” a limited amount of your precious time and is certainly not as tiring, which makes for more studying (or partying). Yes, money websites may be the present-day student’s best friend!

Do you simply register and get paid without doing anything at all?

Remember one thing: nobody aside from your daddy is ever going to “give you” money for nothing, so never trust anyone who says they will. This said, earning extra cash online via money websites is a good no-sweat option because you can do it from home, whenever you have time, and it involves no backbreaking tasks. But there is some work to do, naturally, and you have to do it properly: money websites, i.e. survey sites, exist because companies need potential customers’ opinions, so you need to give useful/usable feedback, or you’re out.

Choosing a reliable money website

So, how do you get the budget rocking ’n rolling? First, you have to choose a trustworthy, dependable survey site, meaning one that will actually pay you, and possibly offer a sensible amount and settle the bill within a reasonable time. Beware of scams: money websites can help you increase your per diem, but you are not going to become a millionaire in 3 days, so be wary of those who promise awesome revenues.
Always check the claims, read the fine print, and remember the golden rule: nobody is ever going to give you money for nothing.

Go for the Intellizoom panel

Solid, safe, legitimate. Intellizoom, the participant community of the world-renowned UX insights company UserZoom, is definitely your best bet. Counting thousands of members worldwide, it guarantees regular payments via PayPal and ensures your personal information is safeguarded and protected.

Register and get paid – how Intellizoom works

Once you sign up to Intellizoom you will be asked to take a “practice run”, i.e. a sample test. Intellizoom needs to check if your laptop, smartphone or tablet are adequate, and that you are capable of fulfilling the studies’ basic requirements. Your voice, face, and screen will be recorded, and you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the money websites testing process.

Once the Intellizoom team has reviewed and approved your test survey, you are qualified to take part in the paid studies, and will receive an invitation email every time a new survey becomes available.
Intellizoom, the ultimate money website – what kinds of paid studies can you take?

UserZoom aims to provide its clients with excellent and comprehensive feedback. Hence, Intellizoom is always on the lookout for new participants and offers different types of studies. There are two main categories: TOL, i.e. Think Out Loud, studies, and Non-TOL studies.

Think Out Loud Studies

TOL studies require you to speak your thoughts (hence, “think out loud”) while you complete the given tasks, and comprise recording both your face and your voice. These kinds of studies are sometimes combined with other types.

Non-TOL studies

The most commonly used non-TOL studies are:

Card sort

Studies that provide you with a list of things and ask you to divide them into topics.

Click here for more insight on card sort studies

Screenshot Click Tests

In Screenshot Click Tests (SSCT) you’ll be given a static image and ask where you would click on it to find something.

Online Interview

A very interesting kind of study that involves a moderator that illustrates and leads you through the study, and sometimes a group of other participants.

Diary studies

Tests that ask you to carry a series of tasks out over a pre-established time period and keep track of your thoughts and/or findings.

Intrigued by the Online Interview type study? Learn more here

Well, not exactly register and get paid straight off, but it does sound engaging, right? Well, it really is!!!

Click here for more about Intellizoom and best practices when taking the studies

And click here to join the community


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