So we’re pretty sure you learned how to say all the most used slang words in Italy from our past post, but we also know that you’re here to learn this beautiful “lingua”. Obvs, we won’t be giving a traditional “Buongiorno”, “Buonasera”, “Ciao”, rather we’ll be looking at some more slang, cause slang is life and culture (wow fancy smancy Chris).

Anyway, let’s look at another 10 Italian slangs you can’t live without,Sicilian Slang, Neapolitan Love Phrases and some other stuff on StudentsVille.

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What is Stupid in Italian ?

Sometimes you just can’t take it anymore and someone is just too darn stupid to keep talking to, or they always have to show off for no reason, they may be a bit extra, but without the proper amount of confidence. These are those people that sometimes one person can’t stand and you have to just tell it as it is, so in this case just turn around and shout “STUPIDO!”. To be used in phrases like “oh ma quanto sarai stupido?” – how stupid could you possibly be? – “sei proprio uno stupido” – you’re just plain old stupid.

Thank You in Italian slang

So maybe someone was out and about and called you Stupido, but you’re not one to just get angry on the first offence, especially if the person in question is stupider than yourself (at least in your opinion), maybe you’re a jolly good fellow that takes everything with a bit of joy and you live by the “kill’em with kindness” motto. In this occasion, you might want to answer with a thank you, and that’s where we come in and teach you the obvs “Grazie”, or you can slang it up a bit with “Bella“.

To be used in response to many situations where you’re pleased, just in case you didn’t know how to use thank you.

What does Prego in Italian mean?

Now that you know what Thank you is, why not learn what your welcome is as well. That is what Prego means, so after a nice thing you did you can always just hit them back with a Prego, you know as you would do in English as well. Cause it’s always good to remeber what you need to do after someone thanks you for a good deed.

How do you say My God in Italian ?

Now it’s been more than 2 hours and you’re waiting on a friend to grab a caffé together, they aren’t showing up and you just have the urge to call out “My God”, but remember that your friend is Italian and you’re gonna want to let them really understand you’re annoyed with the tardiness (hey it’s Italy sometimes you’ve gotta wait), so the best way to do that would be with a good old “Mio Dio”. To be used in situations as stated above and “Mio Dio, quanto ci hai messo?” – My God, how long did it take you to get here?.

How do you say Cool in Italian ?

Ah going down the beautiful streets of an Italian Renaissance town and you can’t contain the love and joy that these cities bring to you. You look down to your left and you see signs for the city’s most important spot, you go and realize how cool all of this is. In this situation, at least in Florence, you can use “ganzo” in other cities you could use “Bella”, “figo”. Cool is one of those words that changes as per English (lit).

How do you say Nothing in Italian ?

Nah, I’m joking (oh Chris you’re so funny). Nothing in Italian is pretty simple it’s “niente”, you’ll be using this in phrases more than on their own. So if someone asks you “Hai bisogno di qualcosa?” – do you need anything? -you’ll give them a “no, niente grazie” (see using that grazie from a couple paragraphs up.)

How to say Awesome in Italian ?

It’s another beautiful day in Florence, Rome, or Milan (it’s up to you where you at) and you go out and enjoy a nice day in the park with some of your friends that you made while on your term abroad. What better way to show your happiness by dropping a “stupendo” to represent your mood and groove.

How do you say No More in Italian ?

You defo know how important food and the culture around it is here in Italy, and sometimes you’ll find yourself in some situations where the food never ends. Maybe a friend invites you over to have lunch with their family and you find yourself being forced to eat soooooo much you wanna explode. Now in this situation, you’ll be wanting to drop a No More, to do so keep this magic formula in mind “Grazie, ma non c’è la faccio più” if you’re in this sitch it’s a life savior.

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O Frà!

How to say Brother in Italian ?

You’ve finally made yourself a real Italian friend and want to show them you’re comradery, you can’t be dropping a “BRO” cause that just doesn’t make sense in Italian, but one thing you can do is call him “frà”, it’s abbreviated the same way you do with brother cutting it short at the third letter, I mean it’s “fratello” in Italian and it sounds a bit odd calling someone fratello nowadays.

How to say No Problem in Italian ?

One of the best quality of Italians is being chill, for some they are too chill, but for others it’s the main reason to come here and enjoy their studies. So to be as chill as an Italian you’re gonna have to know how to say “no problem” cause really that’s the epitome of being chill anywhere. So really important on this one cause there are a million ways of saying it. For example “nessun problema” (basic) “non ti preoccupare”, “scialla”, “macchè” and so on…

What does Che mean in Italian ?

This one you probably heard a million times, I mean sometimes Italians don’t understand everything in English and might be inclined to ask “Che?”, it’s exactly what it sounds like, if you’re from a Spanish speaking country you just need to change the “ch” to “qu” and you’ll know what it means, actually probably even if you’re from the US you can imagine what it means, but just in case you didn’t study Spanish in school “che?” means “what?”.

How to say money in italian?

Soldi. Simple: money in italian is soldi.

So Good in Italian


How are you in italian

Come stai

Ways to say goodnight in italian

Buonanotte or sogni d’oro

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Italian word for love


How do you say thank you in Italian


No Thank You in Italian

No grazie

What’s up in Italian

Che succede

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What is thank you in Italian



  1. How do I translate “don’t disgrace the family” in Sicilian dialect… something like “no malfatute”?

    • To be honest, I’m not 100% on my Sicilian. It does sound like “don’t lack respect” so it could also be translated into “don’t disgrace the family” but we’ve got a fair amount of Sicilian words to go through on our Sicilian slang post. I hope you find something interesting there!


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