From my point of view, Italians seem to be conscious about their fashion and they are very respectable about other traditions. The occasions that occur on their day has a major influence on their dress sense, this can be from sites they are visiting the moment of the day. Showing respect means dressing up according to the level of the place or people you are visiting. So If your coming to the beautiful city of Florence here is an Italian dress code which will give you the knowledge of how to dress like an italian.

dress like an italian

Dress like an italian

For example, if you were going out for a formal meal/ Date at night, to dress like an Italian woman would most likely be wearing closed shoes and an outfit which covers her arms and from her knees upwards.

Dress like an italian men

For the Men I’ve noticed to dress like an Italian man they need to dress very smartly in a shirt and tie and with socks must not be on seen which is a change from how the English men of today dressing their chinos and vans acting like they own the floor they walk on LOL! Keep this in mind in the winter as well cause how to dress like an Italian woman in winter is actually a big topic with Italians, cause they just can’t understand how can people take that much cold to just go out and party. But for the how to dress like an Italian woman in summer no worries you can do as you please, and if you’re wondering how to dress like an Italian man summerdon’t worry you can look a bit more casual as well.

I have noticed that Italian women usually wear makeup but it is very simple and go for the natural look, this helps to make everyone blend out whereas if you wear a lot of makeup, for example, wear bright lipstick then you would most likely stand out in the streets of Italy. If you’re wondering how to dress like an Italian lady try not to wear short shorts (Hot pant shorts) where you can see your knickers when you bend over, instead have more self respect and keep whats the view of what’s under the shorts for a loved one, so why not go for a pair of shorts which fall above the knees as it could be seen as disrespectful in many parts of the city especially in sacred places such as churches and out at night if you wear hot pant shorts as this may attract unwanted attention.

When walking through the streets of Florence it has come to my attention that many Italians wear fitted clothing and no oversized shirts I mean why wouldn’t you show off your figure off?, if u have a nice one HA HA!!! Students seem to dress very casually and warm with a simple hoodie and jeans for the spring weather.

How to dress like an italian woman

Being in Italy I felt the need to cover up to fit in and I felt as if I was disrespecting their culture if I wore shorts dresses and shorts which had my legs and arms showing out, I came to the conclusion that I’d dress like an Italian girl just by simply putting on a pair of black leggings or a cardigan to cover up my arms and legs which made me feel less like I stood out.

Basically, for women too fit in;

? DON’T show too much skin for example; arms, cleavage, and legs unless you want guys dribbling all night over you and what you’ve got on show.

?   DON’T wear open shoes which show your toes instead go for something more sensible like converse which will save your feet from being hurt when there being stepped on, on the crowded buses.

?   DON’T wear shorts in the evening instead where a nice long sexy dress or trousers to draw attention to your eyes and the whole of your body and not just your legs.

For the Men out there;

?   DON’T have your socks on show and always have matching socks to go with your outfit, so just get in touch with your feminine side and become color coordinating your socks with your outfit.

?   DON’T wear a tie with a t-shirt instead where it with a smart shirt or a hot one which shows off your muscles.

So at the end of the day we hope you found out how to dress like an Italian!

 Article written by Sherelle Benn and Vorn Smith 

Comment by Chris

“When in Italy, dress as an Italian” mmmmm yeah why not? I mean Italy is pretty famous for its fashion sense and the importance of the way you present yourself is. But what really does it mean to dress like an Italian? Today compared to what was maybe 5/10 years ago Italian fashion is influenced by every subculture that is taking part in shaping the new styles, from the 90s resurgence to the continuation of hipsters, to the normcore, the metalhead, and every style that has to do with portraying a new sense of individuality.

Italy Dress Etiquette

Now what I’m trying to say is that in Italy dress etiquette there are many things that differ from the past, many different things happened in the years of fashion.

So, when someone says to dress like an Italian, what are they really saying? They are mostly trying to tell you that you should experiment more with your day to day outfits, don’t be afraid to dress street one day, and extremely preppy the next. You’ll stand out, and even though that is somehow frowned upon in such an egocentric society like the one you’re in, or you’ll be in soon, you’ll make an impression that’ll last a while. Don’t fear the judgment that comes with daring with your wardrobe, just enjoy the confidence it gives you and really let’s say it fuck everyone else’s opinion on the matter. This goes if you’re extremely extra, or like you’re chilled out hoodie to feel comfy in.

But the only advice I can give is mostly for my fellow Americans, of all genders, how the hell can you be on a night out in shorts and a t-shirt, or a dress, when it’s like 0°C you’ll catch a freaking cold. JEEEEEEEEZ GRANDPAAA alright, that was my only negative point.


  1. Nothing speak style like Italian man. Ever since I started dating a Roman I’ve learned so much about minimalism and looking elegant with less. And let’s admit it, Italian men are gorgeous! Very well written post and full of valuable tips that I always hear my boyfriend repeat.

    My fave big no-no for Italian men are white socks. My partner would not be caught dead wearing white socks.The other day we were at the park and a non Italian guy took out his shoes and reveled white socks. ALL my Italian friends commented his white socks haha too funny!
    Ana | La Belle Society


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