Happy New Year, Studentsville blog readers! 

We hope and trust you had a joyous love-filled holiday season, and… partied as much as possible!

365 brand-new days = boundless opportunities to make money from home

So here we are, ready to make the most of this brand spanking new year: a full 365 fresh days, hot off the press and gleaming with potential. The thought of having a crisp, unseasoned year ahead is wonderfully inspiring. And all the more so when it brings new ideas, new endeavors, and great opportunities to earn some extra cash. 

If there’s one thing that students and young employees always need is some extra spending money, right? Seeing as the Studentsville team’s major aim is to provide useful information and helpful tips, we decided to start the New Year by offering advice on how to increase your budget in 2022.

Raising money easily: an advice for 2022

First and foremost: we are not going to suggest you get a second job or sell the shirt off your back. Actually, there’s no need to, thanks to a fabulous, amazingly stress-free, newbie-friendly, and extremely easy money-raising opportunity.

What it is? Taking online survey studies, or rather, more precisely, joining the Intellizoom panel and getting paid to test apps and websites. 

Online surveys for money: Intellizoom and UserZoom – what they do and how they work

Intellizoom is the participant community of UserZoom, one of the world’s better-known and most creditable UX insights companies. Specifically, UserZoom helps companies, brands and businesses perfect and fine-tune their digital products by providing them with a comprehensive combination of services, software, and participant-based options. These enable each company to evaluate, assess and quantify the user experience of their website or apps both while they are being developed and once they are completed, and on any kind of device.  Needless to say, the opinions of users, and prospective users, are key. And that’s where the Intellizoom panel comes in, recruiting potential users to test the products and share their experience and opinion.

Evaluating websites, apps and services with Intellizoom

Why you should definitely come on board

What makes Intellizoom unique among all other online survey sites? A number of things, but mainly:

  1. It is safe
  2. It always pays
  3. It is appealing and easy to use
Reason 1 – Intellizoom is safe and trustworthy

Online surveys are the new frontier: a low-pressure, uncomplicated and simple way to add to your budget. But this is true only when the survey site is 100% reliable as regards both payment and the safeguarding of your personal data. There are innumerable scams out there, phony survey websites that never pay you at all, or “steal” your personal info. Plus, you may be asked to download tools to partake in the studies you take, and you need to be sure they’re safe before having them on your device. Trustworthiness is not even an issue to be discussed when it comes to Intellizoom: the panel is not only legal and legit, it is part of UserZoom, an internationally recognized company that counts outstanding clients such as Oracle, Google, Aetna, News UK, and Santander. Reputation and this remarkable portfolio speak for themselves.

Reason 2 – Intellizoom always pays

Good cash, I would add. When roaming the web for survey sites, you need to keep in mind that many of these will not provide cash payment: a vast majority will only grant vouchers or gift cards in exchange for the job you’re doing. Provided they do… many just vanish into thin air once you’ve taken the study. Intellizoom pays in cash, and all payments are issued via PayPal, the safest and most dependable means of payment ever. As concerns how much money you can make with surveys, this depends entirely on the type of study. For studies that record think out loud audio and video, you can expect to make $10 on average. For standard surveys, the payment is on average of the study you take. The range goes from a minimum of $1 for standard surveys to $8 for TOL, i.e. Think Out Loud studies that imply the use of audio and video. The unexpected bonus? It will take you about 10, max 20, minutes to complete a study!

Reason 3 – Intellizoom is appealing and easy to use

UserZoom specializes in perfecting companies’ digital products, so it comes as no surprise that its participant panel is good-looking. But Intellizoom is more than handsome, it’s awesome! Just look at the Intellizoom subscription page, with its catchy graphics, cool colors and a contemporary minimal style. The way the text is formatted is attractive too, and all you have to do to learn more is scroll down. Easy to browse through and extremely user-friendly it welcomes all kind of participants, even newcomers. All you need to do to get started is sign up here and then take a first practice study. 

Easy to use, 100% legit, and splendidly outfitted. If you’re looking to increase your budget in 2022 Intellizoom is, without a doubt, the best solution to increase your budget in 2022!

Looking to join the IntelliZoom community? Just click here, and you’ll see how simple it all is.

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