Halloween, apples, fall festivals and getting to wear cashmere sweaters again… I do think October is one of the year’s most glorious months of the year, don’t you?

The ultimate Halloween special? Make money testing apps!

I bet UK students are looking forward to their autumn half-term break, not to mention the Diwali light festival, Frieze, Halloween parties, the London Cocktail Week etc. And, with all there is to see and do in October, aren’t we all glad we can make money testing apps and add to our income almost effortlessly taking online surveys!

Make money testing apps and have a memorable October

One of the best things about October is that there are plenty of fabulous things to do both if you stay home or if you travel. So joining one of the top online earning websites is a great way to have a little extra spending money, and treat yourself to… a weekend in Barcelona for the October Jazz Festival, a week in Tuscany for new Chianti wine and porcini mushrooms, or a superbly scary Halloween getup!

Top online earning websites – paid surveys uk review

Whether you’re in for hiking beneath copper-colored leaves or dancing the night away dressed up as a goblin, paid surveys are the easiest and quickest way to increase your budget. But how do you know who you can trust among all the companies that swear they are “top online earning websites”?

Paid surveys UK review: the legit ones that settle the bill

The reason why you can actually make money testing apps or taking online surveys is that companies and brands need consumers’ opinions to perfect the services or products they aim to sell. Needless to say, there are countless survey sites out there, but not all are necessarily above board. This said, joining a top online earning website means having access to a number of studies, that you can comfortably take whenever, i.e. lying on your sofa or sitting on your favorite bench in the park, and get paid quickly too!

How to find the top online earning websites

I’ve gone over the paid surveys UK reviews for a whole month now and noticed that there is one thing all reliable, trustworthy survey sites have in common: mighty big clients. I mean, really sizable names. So, the best advice I can give is to do your homework, check who the people behind the survey site actually are before giving out personal information or agreeing to take the studies.

Better be safe than sorry.

The Studentsville staff blows a horn for Intellizoom!

Need a hand choosing? Well, the Studentsville team has taken a lot of online surveys, and we’re particularly sweet on the Intellizoom panel, the participant community of UserZoom.

Why Intellizoom is n.1 in our paid surveys UK review? Well, first and foremost, because Intellizoom pays. Always. Cash, via PayPal. No useless vouchers for stuff you don’t need, no discounts you’ll never use. Money, straight and simple.

Secondly, because the surveys are wonderfully outfitted, enjoyable, and often entertaining too. Not surprising, seeing as UserZoom is specialized precisely in delivering UX insights that help businesses and global brands improve their digital user experiences, i.e. they definitely know what they’re doing!

Eager to know more about UserZoom? Learn more here.

What else makes Intellizoom one of the world’s top online earning websites?

Joining is sweet, speedy, and undemanding. Any added perk? Yes! You get the chance to make a real impact on brands and products you like and care for while adding to your income!

Become part of the Intellizoom community, and gain access to a top online earning website

Now, let’s get practical. What do you need to join Intellizoom and make money testing apps and taking surveys? Here’s your checklist:

  • reliable WIFI connection
  • a comfortable quiet place to work
  • a desktop, tablet or smartphone

Plus, of course, you will have to be capable of downloading UserZoom’s testing browser extension or app.

To join, just click on the Sign-up here and fill in the required information.

Next thing you know you’ll be sent an email and a practice test, and then you’re all set!

Intrigued? Watch this or this for a really cool inside look on Intellizoom, the top online earning website.

Joining is sweet, speedy, and undemanding. Any added perk? Yes! You get the chance to make a real impact on brands and products you like and care for while adding to your income!


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