So after telling you about the heat wave in Rome, it’s time to cool down with some nice Florentine Gelato — don’t go calling it ice-cream, cause they’re two different things, even though most people know that by now, it’s good to make sure, so ice cream is made with heavy cream and gelato is made from milk — and you know that we always got you covered here at StudentsVille, I mean every list we drop is useful in some shape or form.

Anyway, I’ll be also following a classic video on the best gelato in Florence that was on our channel, but with the proper corrections, cause some of the gelaterie moved their locations. Maybe it’s only one actually, but we’ll make sure you know. So get your pocket change ready, put on your gelato face on and go about the town stuffing your face on the best treat in the heat.

gelateria santa trinità con vista

Gelateria Santa Trinita

Piazza Dei Frescobaldi 8r

On the “di là d’Arno” side of Ponte Santa Trinità you’ll find the Gelateria Santa Trinità (pretty obvs), the first Gelateria we’ll be talking about in our list. All of their flavors are made from the best ingredients and they also sell some of their base products at Emporio right next door, so if you love their pistachio, you have to get a bag of Pistacchi di Bronte, Italy’s best pistachios.

la cantina del gelato firenze gelato

Cantina del Gelato

Via de’ Bardi 31

Always on the “di là d’Arno” side, you’ll find the Cantina del Gelato, an artisanal gelateria that makes all their flavors in-house. Lately, they opened another location in Borgo la Croce that is between Piazza Beccaria and Piazza Sant’Ambrogio, so wherever you are you can grab a quick gelato al cioccolato and keep touring along.

Venchi cioccolato chocolate fountain


Via dei Calzaiuoli 65r

Venchi is one of Italy’s most renowned chocolatiers. Before it was only in Piazza del Mercato Nuovo, now you’ll find them on Via dei Calzaiuoli and inside the SMN Train Station. They started out making the best chocolates and chocolate gelato, now they have a variety of flavors to pick from. But don’t just grab a gelato, once you’re there get yourself some chocolates to bring home, and every time you’re missing Florence have one to remind you of the town.

grom il gelato come una volta


Via del Campanile 2

Grom Florence is another gelateria that grew so much that you can find some locations in NYC as well. Born in Turin, it brought Gelato to the world on a whole new level. When you see the line that forms at Grom you understand how good the gelato in Florence will be. So why not take 20 minutes and wait in line (luckily it’s in a nice and shady street, so no need to suffer).

gelateria carabé


Via Ricasoli 60r

On the way to Piazza SS Annunziata from the Duomo, you’ll find Carabé. A gelateria that isn’t only famous for its gelato, but also for its granite. A granita is what you can loosely translate as an Italian Ice, but here no one uses syrups, they make them from scratch using fruit and water, and God are they refreshing on days like these.

il Procopio gelateria

Il Procopio

Via Pietrapiana 60r

In Piazza de’ Ciompi you’ll find Il Procopio, it’s a staple for the locals that love artisanal gelato. Its run by husband and wife and has won a great number of awards in the past, and man can you taste it. One of their staples is Lemon and Basil, so don’t pass on the opportunity to try it once you’re there.

Vestri Gelateria


Borgo degli Albizi 11r

Vestri is another chocolatier that also specializes in gelato. So if you need some chocolate gelato in Florence, Vestri is the place for you. You can find it in Piazza Salvemini and if you’re in Florence during easter you’ll recognize it because of all the easter eggs they have at the storefront.

Also, the last thing about Vestri, compared to the last chocolatier we talk about in our article, I do believe it shows a more authentic side of Florence than Venchi, try both and see for yourself.

Carapina gelateria


Piazza Guglielmo Oberdan 2r

Let’s get out of the city center for once, I mean I don’t think everybody has an apartment in the historical center anyway. So if you’re residing on the other side of Piazza Beccaria, don’t worry there are a number of gelaterie to try, but we’re gonna advise you to go to Carapina in Piazza Oberdan.

Gelateria de’ Neri

Via dei Neri 9/11r

Now Gelateria de’ Neri has become my seasons favorite, I never used to go cause it was crammed with tourists, so I always thought it would take a day to get a gelato, but no my friends they serve gelato super fast so no need to worry about the lines. At gelateria Dei Neri my favorite is the Salted butter caramel, oh Lord it’s amazing, like so amazing I might go and grab a cono after lunch.

gelateria La Carraia

Gelateria La Carraia

Piazza Nazario Sauro 25r

We started “Di là d’Arno” we finish di là d’Arno. Gelateria La Carraia is a must if you’re visiting Florence and walking down the Lungarno. You probably just finished having lunch in Santo Spirito, and now you’re craving a nice gelato. Walk towards the river and you’ll find Ponte alla Carraia and that’s where you’ll stop for dessert.


Even though I said that we were done at Gelateria La Carraia, I lied, we need to add Gelateria Vivoli to this list. For all my years in Florence, every Florentine would go on about Vivoli’s Crema, and I do understand why. When I first arrived here people would bring me all the time and I loved every flavor I had. So if you’re in Santa Croce get your ass to Vivoli, and if you don’t feel like ordering cream, have any other flavor for a great Vivoli Florence experience.

 So here is some of the best gelato in Florence, go out and when the heat is killing you go to one of these locations, and if you can’t find one of these and find a new pearl do let us know cause we’re gonna have to try it as well. Oh and don’t forget to watch our Gelato in Florence video below. 

ps You might be wondering how to get that map on your phone without having to open another app or using extra data, no worries we’ve got a map you can quickly download on your phone. Here you go.



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